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We found in the Pitbull Terrier one of the breeds of dogs considered in many regions as a potentially dangerous breed due to its physical attributes that make it a strong and robust animal, being in no way evaluated the animal psychology. This breed can even be considered as one of the most dangerous.

It is important to note that the behavior of the dogs is a reflection of the training and care that the owners give him, so what often happens with this breed of dog is a lack or poor training. If you have a Pitbull or are thinking of adopting one, keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide where we give you tips to train a Pitbull .

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The Pit Bull Terrier as a Potentially Dangerous Breed

As we mentioned earlier, the Pitbull is considered a potentially dangerous breed in many regions. And this may lead us to believe that the aggressiveness of the dog is related to the breed of a dog, something totally wrong. Is the Pitbull a dangerous dog?

The main conclusion of a study from the University of Cordoba is that the owners are primarily responsible for the attacks of their pets. According to the author, Joaquín Pérez Guisado, the main cause of an animal becoming aggressive is the bad or nonexistent education provided to the animal.

If we look for other studies, we see that Rachel Casey (of the University of Bristol) says that relating aggression to certain races has no scientific rigor.

In fact, an article published in the American edition of Huffinton Post goes further. In it we find the result of an investigation of the ” American society of temperant “. In his infographic we can see that the Pitbull is the second most tolerant breed, just behind the Labrador Retriever.

Why does Pitbull relate to an aggressive race?

Throughout history we see that the potentially dangerous breeds are those that have been used to perform dog fights as well as hunting sports . The training of the dogs consists of a test hard since they are puppies, are stimulated from an early age to pick on sticks and thus develop their aggressiveness, and then be used in fights.

The law is also not on the Pitbull Terrier’s side in many regions, because in places where the breed is considered potentially dangerous the use of the muzzle is mandatory. The justification for this measure is that due to their physical strength and powerful bite, they should use the muzzle. But if you think about it a bit, there are other dogs with equal physical abilities that are not considered as potentially dangerous, why does this happen?

Unfortunately, this has made society think that these dogs are dangerous, when in fact there is no scientific proof that proves it, on the contrary.

Bear a Pitbull puppy

The education of a Pitbull puppy is governed under the same rules as those of any other breed. To help you, let us explain the most important steps to take into account when it comes to the basic training of a dog:

  • Before the puppy arrives at your home, you must decide what you can and can not do. For example, if you can go up to the couches and beds, where you sleep, among other things. The whole family should be aware of these rules, because everyone should act the same way with the dog, otherwise it will be confused.
  • Find a name for your Pitbull puppy and teach him how to properly relate it to him, in a short time he will be able to learn his name.
  • Must socialize your dog Pitbull since it is a puppy, is very important so that in the future one can relate to dog and people properly.
  • You should learn not to bite so as not to hurt you as you grow, for that it will be vital to provide you with a relaxed life as well as the use of toys and teethers .
  • Avoid scolding your dog and whenever you do something good use positive reinforcement . Faced with an unpleasant situation should say “No” firm and never give excessive scolding, this will only cause stress on the dog.
  • Teach your dog to be alone little by little and inquire about separation anxiety to prevent it properly.
  • Take short training sessions (10 to 15 minutes) and teach him basic commands to help you on a daily basis, such as sitting or standing still.

However, Pitbull Terriers, like other breeds, are dogs that have a lot of energy that needs to be released. This makes you need to be aware that you need a lot of physical activity on a daily basis, so you should know how many times you should walk it according to your physical level, always adapting to your dog in concrete.

Each dog is different and unique, but overall you should go out and work out a Pitbull for at least about two hours a day. It is important that you give this point due importance. A dog that does not do enough sport, is an unhappy and unhealthy dog.

  • Recommendation : Any race considered to be potentially dangerous should always walk on the street with a muzzle. So it is very important to get him to use it as a puppy. You can start as soon as you are two months old, but always little by little. Start with sessions of only 1 minute and gradually increase.

Acting an Adopted Adult Pit Bull

If you adopted a Pitbull Terrier dog, first let me give you the congratulations. Many Pitbulls fill kennels around the world due to the amount of formalities that are required to adopt it. However, you should be aware that you do not know the past of your dog, perhaps your previous owner did not properly educate you. Or worse yet, I may have been polite to fight.

Regardless of this, you should be clear that under no circumstances should you give him a tantrum or use aggression, for you will remember that he is a strong dog whose character and history you do not know. Keeping in mind the body language of the dog will be crucial, it should check if at some point scared your dog.

If you think your dog has some kind of serious behavior problem, ideally consult an ethologist or canine educator , especially if you are not well socialized, never try to do it yourself.

To finalize this article we leave you a curiosity about the Pitbulls. Did you know that this breed was known as a “nanny dog”? It was known for being tolerant and patient with children, learn more in our article the Pitbull Terrier as a nanny dog .

If you want to see more information about how to train a Pitbull , then please visit our Basic Education section .

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