Tips For Taming The Kitty From Hell

Do you live with The Kitty From Hell? Does she bite and scratch you for no apparent reason, other than the fact that she’s evil?

With time and patience, you really can change your mean cat into a sweetie pie by using behavior modification techniques. You need to understand why your cat bites and scratches, and learn to react to her in ways that will teach her, not scare her. The following tips can help…

The first rule is to never hit a cat who is biting or scratching. It will only cause her to become more defensive and more likely to really attack you.

A trip to the vet to rule out any health problems is important. If she’s sick or hurt, she’s more likely to be in a foul temper. Resolve any health issues, and you may resolve her cat aggression problem.

If your cat is found to be healthy, then you need to understand why your kitty lashes out at you when you pet her.

We’ve all had the experience of petting our cat, when suddenly she’ll grab you with her claws and start biting your hand. Ouch! What to do? Freeze. Don’t struggle or try to pull away because her instincts will tell her to hang on harder to struggling prey. If you stay still, she’ll more than likely calm down and let you go.

A better option is to learn your cat’s body language. Watch your cat’s tail. If her tail starts to twitch and jerk, that’s a tip-off that she’s had enough. Stop petting her now, or she may become overstimulated and go on the attack with claws and teeth.

Sometimes your kitty is playing with you. If she comes out of nowhere and pounces on you and then runs off, she’s playing. It still hurts when she bites and scratches you, but this isn’t real aggression. She probably needs a rousing play session with a cat fishing pole or a toy on a string to burn off her excess energy.

Remember that no matter how cute your kitten is, it’s a bad idea to wrestle barehanded with her. Never let her think you’re a plaything. It sets a bad precedent, and it’s very hard to teach her not to bite and scratch you later on when she’s not a cute kitten anymore! Stuff an old sock with some rags and let her bite, claw, and scratch it to her heart’s content.

Watch where you pet your cat. A long stroke down the back may be too much for her. And avoid scratching her tummy. It’s instinctive for her to defend her soft warm belly, and most cats will immediately go into defensive mode if someone attempts to pet them there.

Most cats enjoy being petted or rubbed behind the ears, under the chin, or at the base of the tail.

Work to eliminate your cat’s triggers for scratching and biting, and try to increase her tolerance levels for being petted.

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