Tips for my cat not marking territory

All domestic cats mark their territory and do it in different ways. The two ways that most annoy humans living with them are to mark with urine and scratch the furniture.

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If in your home you have a cat uncontrolled with the marking of territory, we recommend that you continue reading this article of YourCatCareguide in which you will find tips for your cat not to mark territory .

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Why do cats mark territory?

You should know that cats, if they feel comfortable and secure in their home, do not need to mark territory, because they know that they are the kings or queens of their territory and that all the attention of their fellow humans will be directed to them.

So if your feline marks the house, your territory, you must wonder why you are doing so. It is possible that it is because you feel you have competition, either with other cats or other pets in the house or with children or other people, that is, others that can steal the attention of those who like to enjoy.

But although these are the most common, there are other reasons for the cat to have this behavior or behaviors that may seem marking territory.

Distinguish the type of behavior of the cat

It is very important that you know how to distinguish the possible cause of your cat’s behavior . For example, urinating nearer to the litter box may mean several things. In this case, it may be that it is marking territory, but maybe it is some health problem or have some problem with the litter box itself.

Therefore, one of the first things you should do is have your veterinarian do a thorough checkup to rule out diseases or health problems that may cause your cat’s unwanted or unusual behavior. Above all, because if it really is a health problem, the sooner it detects better.

  • We know that our cat is marking territory with urine if we find spots of this in different areas of the house and especially on vertical surfaces. In addition, we can detect a strong and unpleasant odor and notice that the stain is difficult to eliminate. Other forms of territory marking on felines are also well-known as mobile scrapes and rub certain parts of your body like head, chin or paws against objects and people. In the latter case it is sometimes difficult to differentiate when you are marking or when you are asking for caresses, but maybe it is the way of scoring that least bothers people.
  • In the case of marking of territory with scratches, should know that cats need to wear their nails and have them sharpened as it is part of them and their natural behavior is a necessity. It is possible that if we do not provide you with places to do that are to your liking, choose to sharpen our nails on our furniture, something we do not usually like. So in order to differentiate whether your cat is simply following your feline behavior with the hygiene of your nails or if you are actually marking territory, you should check your environment to detect pockets of your stress or your sudden need to compete. If this behavior is not resolved by providing a suitable scraper and putting it properly, and we know that there are other animals or people, then it may be a marking problem.

Tips to prevent the cat from marking territory with urine

Urine marking is usually more common in non-sterile male catswho live with more cats or, when there have been changes in their environment, and therefore need to re-establish the perimeter of their territory. First you must make sure that the health of your feline companion is well and thus rule out medical problems. You should then look at what changes have been made in your life and in your cat’s life that may have affected you, may be more pets, more new people at home, a change of home, many hours away from home where your companion stands alone , etc., ie reasons that lead to competition, jealousy or stress. If it is possible to correct the problem and return to the previous state in which the cat was comfortable, then this would make things easier. But as in most cases the changes are not usually a reversible situation, we should help our furry friend get used to it again.

Next, we’ll give you some advice to eliminate urine stains and some recommendations to correct the problem of urine marking :

  • You should clean urine stains whenever possible avoiding strong cleaners as they can affect the health of the cat. It is always better to use water and alcohol and let it dry. Once dry you can then apply pheromone products to cats following the product instructions. There are sprays, powders, diffusers, etc., which contain pheromones that help cats calm anxiety by giving them more safety. To see the effect of these products should wait at least a week, but for them to really work is recommended its continuous use for several weeks before assessing whether they worked or not.
  • Another cheaper option is to spray the areas that your cat frequently marks with pepper or other natural repellents . But this can cause your furry to stop marking this zone but looking for others, so it is really necessary to find the origin of the behavior to look for a more appropriate solution.
  • You should think well why your cat does not use the litter box , have to think about all the options and see which may be the most likely cause.
  • Once you know why this behavior should try to look for the best options to prevent your cat from urinating at home .
  • If you can identify the cause of your cat’s behavior as jealousy for another animal or person, you should pay more attention to remembering that you have not forgotten him and that he continues to be important to us and that he has not lost us. It is not a question of making him understand that he is the center of all our attention, because if there are new members he must give them attention as well and take care of them, it is to make him understand that now this attention and affection are now divided in a way equitable and must respect this.
  • It’s also a good idea to put your cat’s things like the litter box, bed, food container, etc. in a part of the house where only he is and will not enter other pets or people who might be the focus of their jealousy. So you can have a zone that is your own and you can have a place where you feel safe and without stress.
  • Something that may not be in your head is that your cat or cat is urinating out of the litter box simply because it thinks it is not clean enough. You should be very careful with the hygiene of the litter box , as there are cats that with little use of this already find it dirty and do not want to enter it to use it. As you may know, the cats are very clean and neat because they do not like the dirt and usually avoid it. So you should also be careful that the litter box is not too close to your food and water zone, as it will not seem like the best place to do your needs, and if it does, it will look elsewhere.
  • Still in relation to the litter box may also happen that our feline does not like the texture of the sand or its odor and so decide to urinate outside the litter box. So simply changing brand or type of sand can solve the problem. Another possibility is that you do not like to share the litter box with more cats or that you find too many using the same litter box, so it will be important to have a litter box for each cat, or at most once every two years if accept it. If you have to share the litter box with more cats, chances are you’ll find a place you like more.
  • In addition to changing the sand frequently, changing the type of sand, putting more sandboxes so you do not have to share one among several and keep them well separated from food and water, you can try to place sandboxes at all points in which cat urinates at home to relate and learn to use and accept the litter box. Even if the litter box is not next to the food and the water, the place where it is may not convince the cat simply, and it may be that just changing the place already accepts it and stops urinating in other areas of the house .
  • Throughout this process of change, each time you see that your cat is urinating off the site, you should tell him a firm “no” while interrupting and moving away from the area. A negative reaction costs more to understand than a positive one, so what you should do is when you see that you use the sandbox correctly instead of urinating on a wall, you give it a premium, it can be a caress, a moment of play or some of your favorite food. You should give this reward only when you get the animal having the correct behavior, otherwise he will not remember what he did and will not understand.

Tips to prevent the cat from marking territory with scratches

Se quiser saber por que o seu gato arranha os móveis, deve ter presente que existem vários motivos e que todos são comportamentos naturais. É sabido que os gatos precisam de desgastar as suas unhas e tê-las afiadas, pois faz parte deles e do seu comportamento. É possível que se não lhe proporcionarmos lugares adequados para o fazer, optem por afiar as unhas nos móveis, algo que não gostamos. Por isso, deve se esforçar em encontrar um arranhador adequado para o seu amigo peludo.

But cats do not scratch surfaces just to sharpen their nails, they also mark their territory in this way. So to differentiate whether your cat is simply following your natural behavior with the hygiene of your nails, or if you are marking territory, you should review your environment. First you must make sure that your companion is in good health with regular visits to the veterinarian. Then you should analyze the changes that have occurred in the life of the cat that caused you stress, jealousy or annoyances that have led you to mark territory by scratching the furniture. As we have already mentioned, these factors are changes in the home, people or new pets, among other stressful factors that cause competition.

Here are some tips to get your feline to stop scratching the furniture :

  • First you must make sure that both your health and your environment are well. You should be sure that there are no stressors and no need to compete. Therefore, in the case of new pets or new people at home, you should remind your faithful furry to continue to have our attention and care. It is likely that if he noticed that his attitude towards him had not changed as he had hoped, he would relax and stop marking the territory with scratches and start accepting the new company.
  • As we have already mentioned, in the case of territory marking, non-sterilized male cats are usually the ones with the most pronounced behavior, although non-sterilized females can also do so. Therefore, you should take into account the sterilization of your cat. Check out all the benefits of castrating a cat in our article.
  • You should make sure you have a suitable scratcher for your friend and if you have multiple cats you should provide them with several and not just one. In addition, you can give them gaming circuits with different heights and textures where you can tire and wear your nails.
  • You should put the scratchers in strategic locations that you know you like to scratch. For example, in the easy corners, you will be able to use the scratcher instead of scratching the sogá.
  • It can protect parts of furniture that are usually treated poorly with fabrics they may already scratch and ruin.
  • If you have enough scratchers and even your cat chooses to scratch the furniture, you can always try to change the type of scratching and / or its location, as you may not like this scraper or do not like where it is.
  • It is important to cut off the tips of your cat’s fingernails from time to time . If you do not know how to do it you should go with him to your veterinarian.
  • There are products with natural herbs that attract cats. If you spray the scratching with these herbs you will get your cat to focus on this object and not on others.
  • In turn, you can use repellent sprays on the affected furniture areas so the cat does not re-scratch them.
  • Remember that picking up your cat by marking the furniture can demonstrate that this is not a desired behavior with a firm “No”, but negative reinforcements are never as effective with positives. Therefore, when you come to scratch the scraper must reward it.

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