Tips for hygiene and care of your cat at home

If you have a cat at home or are planning on adopting a cat in a short time, it is good to know as much as possible about everything that is related to your health and well-being. When you think about the hygiene and care of a cat in a house or an apartment, it is normal to think that it can be a nightmare: many hairs, a sandbox, toys everywhere, etc. But the truth is that it is a matter of getting organized and knowing what things are important and how to carry them out in the best way, both for us and for our furry.

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If you want to know some tips for the hygiene and care of your cat at home , we invite you to continue reading this article of YourCatCareguide, in which we give you some advice to make the care and correct hygiene of your cat are easier, to achieve a happy coexistence.

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Steps to follow:

One of the things that usually worries people who live with cats and want to provide them with the best care is the health and hygiene of these animals. To start offering good care of your pet and keeping your health in good condition should provide you with quality food and water . It is best to spend a little more on the type of food you give it, than after spending a lot more at the vet.

When choosing a ration or moist food for your cat, you should make sure you have more animal protein than other nutrients. Another more economical option is to make the food yourself, in this article you can see a recipe for homemade food for fish cats and you will see that your friend will like it.

In addition to putting clean water several times a day and giving you quality food, you should try to ensure that the area where you feed your cat and food containers is always clean , so you can avoid health problems and maintain better hygiene of your friend.


Another of the tips for the hygiene and care of your cat at home that is very important is the daily brushing of the hair . Doing so will ensure that your partner’s skin and skin are healthy and well-cared for, thus avoiding hair and skin problems, and also achieving cleaner floors. Since there are several types of long-haired and short- haired cat brushes , you should be well advised to know which brush is best for your feline.

Hair balls are often a problem, so if you want to take care of your cat’s health, you should brush it to help reduce this problem.


Nails are a key point in the hygiene and care of your cat, it should give you a scraper or several to be able to sharpen the nails itself, but when caressing it should observe your nails to see that they are all well, if not so you will have to take it to the vet to cut them.

In addition, your cat ‘s dental hygiene is very important to prevent various diseases, so we recommend that you give him prizes and special toys to clean your mouth. It is advisable to clean your cat’s teeth yourself with a toothbrush and cat toothpaste.


To have good hygiene and care of your cat at home, your litter box should always be clean , preventing feces and urine from accumulating for a long time. To make it easier for you, our tip for the cat litter is to buy a model that is easy to clean and has a grid tray that allows you to filter the sand and take better advantage of it, just by taking out used sand. Since there are several types of cat litter, we advise you to use binder sand to make it easier for you to clean the litter box.


Although we think that cats normally wash themselves, we should also bathe them once in a while, at most twice a month, to promote their hygiene and their health. You can bathe your cat at home whenever you use cat hygiene products and never humans.

In addition, we recommend using a damp sponge at least three times a week to clean some parts of your cat’s body that need extra care and hygiene. It is advisable to use two different sponges, one for the face of your partner and another to clean your genitals and anal area, so you will get good hygiene and care of your cat.


In addition to cleaning your cat’s eyes frequently to avoid eye problems such as conjunctivitis, you should also clean your ears . And for this, we recommend that at least once a week use a sterile gauze wet with saline.

Wrap your finger with damp gauze and gently stroke it through your cat’s ear to prevent too much dirt from accumulating on your cat’s ear to form ear and ear conditions.


The last of the tips for the hygiene and care of your cat at home is about the physical and mental exercise of your companion. Always try to have some cat toyshandy, play with it for long periods every day and build fun games and circuits with boxes, ropes, fangs and other toys ideal for cats. With these simple advice you will be able to live happily with your cat and that the cat is perfectly healthy and taken care of.

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