Tips for having a healthy and happy dog

Enjoying our pet is not just playing with it or accompanying it on the outings, a mentally balanced pet is a consequence of the attention and care that the family provides. In this article of YourCatCareguide we will give you some tips to have a healthy and happy dog .

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The balance in the rides

Your dog should walk an average of two to three times a day, it is a very important moment for him not only because he can make his needs, but the tour has a series of very important physical and psychological advantages .

How should I walk with my dog?

  • Try to avoid stress and overexcitement, a healthy and happy dog ​​should walk quietly by your side, later it will be time to play.
  • Do not take it for a walk if you have finished eating or are very hot, you should take the same care you would have with a small child. For it can suffer from a heat stroke or a stomach twist.
  • Let him smell without limits . If you have a vaccinated and healthy dog, you should not worry that you can smell urine from other pets that live nearby. Quite the contrary, your dog by taking time to smell means that he is getting information from the environment, that he is relaxed, that he is enjoying the ride and that he wants to know everything that surrounds him.
  • Wear the proper harness if your puppy is too young, over-pulling or having glaucoma problems. It should provide you with a suitable harness that improves your ride quality and does not detract from the neck. Make it comfortable and comfortable.
  • In order for the tour to be positive for him he must let himself be related to other dogs , always with care. Socialization is key to the dog that needs to meet new dogs and people. It is very positive that your dog relates correctly.
  • Participate also in the walk , that is, you should congratulate him when he behaves properly, when he relates well to another pet, etc, being always attentive to everything that can happen.

Games, exercise and training

Comparing intelligences of different species of animals is not the most correct, although it is true that the dog’s brain is comparable to that of a small child. Our pet needs to develop mentally and physically daily , so that he knows new games, experiences and sensations is a reason for happiness and joviality.

You should also participate in these different activities by looking for toys for when you are alone, shared exercise after the ride and time to teach you new dressage orders. Remember that although your dog is larger and has deficiencies in movement or your senses, you will enjoy learning new things with you.

What activities can I do with my dog ?

The options are endless, you can take it to run, to accompany you on the bike, to the beach or to the mountain. Playing with the ball, intelligence games and even clubs are valid options, because the dog is not a materialistic or selfish being, just wants to spend good moments with you . In games and exercises can include other dogs, something that will strengthen the socialization of your pet.

Never stop doing activities with your dog, because at the moment you share activities he feels productive and useful within the family.

Love between dog and owner

Obviously love is a key piece of the puzzle, since without love and affection your dog will never be happy.

To remain balanced and healthy mentally does not have to act abruptly, on the contrary, we should always be gentle and careful so that he learns from us a relaxed and calm behavior. At home we must follow the same rule of tranquility and serenity that the dog will receive positively.

Reinforce your positive behaviors with prizes, treats and caresses and avoid contact when you are aggressive, nervous or anxious. This is a system that the dogs themselves use in their pack, in the natural environment. Give her love whenever she deserves it.

Spend time with him remembering learned orders, walking around, caressing him, giving him massages. Dedicating you several times during the day is the best gift you can offer your pet, as they will feel loved and loved.

The feeding

Finally, let’s talk about food, something that brings happiness to the life of your pet , so we must take into account these points:

  • The dog needs its own space to eat.
  • Vary your food in 2 and even 3 meals a day, thus facilitating your digestion.
  • Do not feed it before or after the ride.
  • It varies your diet between feed, moist food and home diets.
  • Offer you quality products.
  • Get informed of your nutritional needs at each stage.
  • Pay attention to your health if you follow special diets.

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