Tips for Finding a Lost Cat

Losing our cat is undoubtedly a dreadful and bleak experience, however it is crucial to start working the when before to be able to bring it back home.Remember that the more time you spend, the harder it will be to find it. Cats are authentic survivors and take every opportunity to start a new life.

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In YourCatCareguide we will try to help you find your best friend, for that reason we share with you the best tips to find a lost cat .

Keep reading and do not forget to share your photo at the end so that another user can help you. Good luck!

Search near your home and surroundings

If your cat goes out and comes in freely or thinks he may have run off to see another cat of the opposite gender, it is likely that he may return at any time . For this reason, before you start looking for it, it will be highly recommended that someone wait at home with an open window.

Start your cat’s search by tracing the areas closest to your home. Especially if you remember to have seen him there for the last time, start looking there. Then begin exploring the region progressively, each time covering a larger area. You can use a bicycle to move around more easily.

Do not forget to take tasty treats with your cat, shout your name and look for holes and other hidden places . If your cat is not accustomed to going out on the street he will probably be scared and will look for a shelter anywhere. Check all the corners well.

Use social networks to spread the message

Harnessing the reach of social networks is a stupendous way to reach many more people. It is undoubtedly one of the best tricks to finding a lost cat. For this reason we recommend that you prepare a publication that includes your photograph, name, description, contact phone, data, etc … Anything you believe can help you find your cat.

Broadcast the publication on facebook, twitter and other social networks that have active and do not forget to ask them to spread their publication to reach more people.

Also in your own profiles, do not hesitate to share the publication with animal associations, groups of lost cats or pages of animal diffusion. Everything you do can help you find your cat.

Talk to protective associations in your locality

You should contact a pet or kennel association in your town to give your cat’s data and chip number so they can check if a cat has arrived with the description of your fugitive.

Do not forget that besides calling them, you should visit them. Many of these places are at their maximum capacity and have difficulty updating the entrances and exits of animals. It is best that, after two or more days of your loss, go to all these places in person.

Paste posters around the region

This is an effective way to reach out to more people , especially those people who do not use social networks or who are not from your circle of friends. Do not forget to add the following information:

  • Your cat’s picture
  • The name of the cat
  • A short description
  • Your name
  • Contact details

Go to your local veterinary clinics

Especially if your cat has had an accident and a good person has taken it may have ended up in a veterinary clinic. Confirm that your friend is around and do not forget to leave a posterfor yes no.

If the cat has a chip, we recommend you check with them to find it.

Still not finding your lost cat?

Do not lose hope. Your cat may come back at any time, and his or her outreach strategies may work. Be patient and follow all the steps mentioned above to be able to find it: look in nearby places, spread the message, go to refuges and veterinary clinics … Do not be afraid to be pushy, the most important thing is to find your cat!

Very lucky, we hope you find it quickly!

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