Tips for dogs afraid of thunder

Today it is undeniable that dogs can feel emotions that until recently we believed were exclusively human, for example, we can now say that dogs are also jealous. However, although canine emotions are currently supported by multiple studies, any owner can easily observe the emotional world of their pet.

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Dogs can also feel fear and can feel it in an excessive way, getting to have phobia, which has repercussions not only on the psychological ones of them but also on their organism, that can have, among other phenomena, an increase of the frequency cardiac.

In this article of YourCatCareguide we will give you some tips for dogs with fear of thunder , if this is the case of your pet.

Why are dogs so afraid of thunder?

Some dogs are afraid of cars, others are afraid to go down stairs , in contrast others suffer from water phobia, but in a generic way we can say that almost all dogs are very afraid when they hear thunder.

This is a frightening experience for the animal and although an exact cause is not known, some hypotheses have been considered:

  • Genetic predisposition.
  • To have been present when a person or an animal was frightened by a storm.
  • Have suffered before a bad experience related to a thunderstorm.

The manifestation of this phobia can reach different degrees of severity , sometimes the dogs show only moderate anxiety, but in extreme cases the dog shakes, gasps, may want to escape and can even jump through a window or get seriously hurt because during a storm these are usually closed.

There is no particular treatment for this type of phobia, however there are many therapeutic resources that can be used effectively.

Never punish your dog

Although your puppy has the highest levels of anxiety, you should never reprimand this behavior during a storm, as it will only aggravate the situation. Remember that your pet is experiencing a frightening experience, and the last thing you need is to punish or yell at him, this in addition to being cruel would increase your anxiety levels.

He must remain at his side, calm and if he is predisposed he should try to start some game at home with him, in this way he will begin to associate the noise of the thunders with other better and fun moments. While accompanying your dog, you can also turn on the television or use relaxing dog music, in this way it will minimize outside noise.

Get a safe place for your dog.

If your home has a basement, attic or small room you can use this space so that your dog has a safe place to call during the storm, but of course he needs to be trained to do so.

For the first few times, when you are frightened, accompany him to this place until he can associate you with a safety zone in the context of a storm, without needing your intervention.

It is preferable that the windows of this room are with blinds low, although it is also important to include a warm light and a small dog house with a soft mattress inside.

The transport box, when associated with something positive, can be a place where the dog feels safe. Read our article on how to get accustomed to the dog in the transport box .

Make your dog lose the fear of thunder

How can a dog who is afraid of thunder be made to be afraid? With patience, dedication and a background music with rain and sounds of thunder . Here’s how to do this technique:

  1. Next to your dog, start the storm music.
  2. When you start to change, stop playback.
  3. Wait for your dog to calm down.
  4. Restart the music playback.

This process should be repeated approximately 5 times, for 4 or 5 days, then allow 2 weeks to pass and retake the sessions.

Over time, you’ll be able to observe how your dog looks calmer in the face of the storms, and by applying the other tips we’ve shown you will be able to observe good results in a faster way.

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