Tips for cycling with your dog

Going out to ride a bike with your dog is a great way to play sports together. If you prefer the bike instead of running, this is a great alternative to canicross , however although there are dogs with a lot of energy and vitality, they need a period of adaptation to get used to.

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If you like cycling and want to start sharing those moments with your best friend, do not miss the following tips for cycling with your dog that we will give you at YourCatCareguide.

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Adaptation period

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, before you start riding your bike with your dog and doing long walks you should work with him the adjustment period as follows:

The first contact

Going out to ride a bike with a friend can be very rewarding, but keep in mind that for a dog the bike can be a strange object. It is important that before you leave for cycling with your dog let him smell her, look at her and get acquainted with her at her pace and without forcing her.

Start cycling

Patience must be the key. It is advisable to go out to walk with the dog and the bike but not walk on top of it, to get used to walking at his side. When you’re used to it, you can hop on the bike and start walking short and easy . Remember that you must take into account the state of the animal at all times.

One of the best advice for riding a dog on a bike is to teach you a specific order to learn howto ride with us on a bicycle so that you do not pull it or not hurt you by turning around unexpectedly.

As the days go by, you can progressively increase speed as long as the dog is able to stand. Bear in mind that they have to make a much bigger effort to keep up with us.

Some tips for walking your dog on the bike

Here are some tips and advice for walking a dog on a bike:

  • The dog should do your needs before starting the ride, this way you will avoid sudden stops.
  • The dog will always have to walk on the right side of the bike to protect it from traffic.
  • You should watch the pads of your legs, the asphalt is very abrasive and can damage them, especially on hot days. If you find small wounds you can treat them with aloe vera. To prevent you can buy a special wax for cushions that protects the animal from cold and heat.
  • Always take fresh water.
  • Take breaks and do not force the dog if you notice that you are tired.
  • Take it always with the guide to avoid crossing and you run over.
  • Make sure the dog has not eaten anything in the two hours before exercising. When you’re done you should wait an hour to feed him.
  • Take the dog tied with a body harness , do not use neck guides as they may cause cervical injuries.
  • This type of exercise causes a great impact on the dog’s joints, so if you do it periodically you should watch them and consult the veterinarian to avoid problems. To prevent diseases can give you vitamins to your joints .

Articles for walking in a safe way

There are special guides and baskets for cycling with your dog safely:

  • Adapter : With a normal guide you may have problems because you can wind up between the wheels or the pedals. This can be avoided by using an adapter. It is a rigid system that adapts to the bike and keeps the dog at a safe distance while avoiding pulling.
  • Special Baskets : If your dog is too small to be tied to a bicycle, you do not have to stop strolling with it. There are special baskets to put on the front of the bike with seat belts to avoid bouncing off.
  • Special bikes for dogs : There are bikes created with a wide space for dogs on the front, they are structured like a tricycle to hold the dog’s basket well.
  • Trailer : When we have a big dog but do not have the ability to walk alongside the bike, either because of its age or some physical problem, we can anchor a special trailer for dogs to the bike.

Follow the steps in this article and start walking with your dog on the bike safely, but above all making exercise a positive and fun experience for both.

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