Tips for Choosing Your Pet

We all know that having a pet involves a lot of responsibilities, but to what extent we know what they are and what we have to take into account when choosing them. Having an animal in our charge is not crazy, because from the moment you adopt it, your life depends on you .

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Just as pets do not need all the same care, not everyone has the same lifestyle and meets the necessary conditions to know which pet to choose. So if you are considering adopting one and do not know which one is best for you or which one best fits your needs, do not miss this article from YourCatCareguide where we give some tips on choosing your pet .

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Why do you want to have a pet?

The first of the tips for choosing a pet is to think about why you really want to have a pet . If the answer is because it is fashionable, because it is what everyone does or because your child does not stop asking you every day, it is best not to rush and do what he wants.

Think of a pet as not a toy and your child might tire of taking care of it in no time. Some animals, such as cats or dogs, can live with you between 10 and 20 years, so you should not think of it as something temporary. The ideal is to reflect on why you really want to have a pet at your side and think about what fits best with your lifestyle.

Have enough time

Another of the tips for choosing a pet is to be aware of the time it takes to devote it and the hours that your care requires. It does not take the same amount of time to care for a dog as a cat, for example, because the first one will need you to spend many more hours of your time to feed him, be with him, walk him and have daily physical activity according to your needs. On the contrary, cats are much more independent and, besides not needing to be taken to the street, they can also spend the day alone at home without problems while going to work.

Therefore, it is important to measure exactly how much time you have to choose a pet. Because you think that even though you get home tired and do not feel like anything, there is a living being that depends on you and you can not forget your responsibilities if you have to take care of it. So if you do not spend so much time at home or are simply not willing to devote much time to your pet, it is best to choose one that involves less care like hamsters, turtles or birds.

Be aware of space and who you live with

Not all animals need the same living space, so before choosing a pet, make sure that the place you live in is appropriate to have it. If you live in a small apartment and want to have some exotic animal or some rodent like guinea pigs, rabbits or chinchillas, it is important that you have a place to put your cages, just like if you want to have some kind of pet bird. But if you prefer a dog or a cat, you should think about its size and your physical needs, because if you have a large dog for example, you will need to live in a large space and garden, or be willing to go out and play it outdoors much longer than a smaller dog .

It is also important to take into account the people and other pets you live with, in case you have any more. Because you can not just think of what a person just wants, you should also take into account the opinions of the other people who live at home , whether human or animal. So before you bring a new pet home, make sure that everyone agrees with your arrival and that it is appropriate to get along with everyone.

Consider your budget

Another of the tips for choosing a pet that we offer you, is that you take into account the budget that counts . Take your pet to the vet every time you need it, feed it, keep it clean, provide you with a sleeping bed or a cage to live, put a chip on it or sterilize it (if you need it), or buy him toys … they are all things that involve spending, and you should make sure you can cover them.

In addition, you should not only take into account your pet’s possible care but also the unexpected medical emergencies or the possible damages it may cause in your home and if you are willing to go through them like scratches on the furniture in the event of have cats, or sneakers and other items bitten if you have puppies. Some of these behaviors can be avoided if they educate them properly since puppies , but some do not. In addition, you also need to take time to train your pet, so think about it.

Think about the holidays

Have you ever wondered who will leave your pet if you are not at home or vacationing ? This is one of the questions few people ask when choosing a pet and it is very important to know the answer because not everyone has someone to leave their pet with.

If your family, friends, or neighbors are willing to take care of your pet when you are not, then you are in luck. But the vast majority of people who adopt a pet nowadays, do not think about who will stay with it on their vacation, so think about this before choosing a pet.

You can always take your pet with you in the car , or even travel by plane if you are traveling far away and can not leave you in the care of anyone else. And as a last resort, you can also take him to a shelter or a pet hotel to take care of him in his absence .

Choose it according to your personality and lifestyle

If you are an unresponsive, forgetful or simply lazy person, it is best not to adopt any pet that needs care like birds or rodents. On the contrary, if you want to protect your case from intruders or have a faithful and delicate life partner, the ideal is to adopt a dog as a pet because it will give you more security and a lot of affection. For those who are more independent but still enjoyed having a pet, the best choice will be to have a cat as a pet. And for those who like different or strange things, exotic animals like hedgehogs or iguanas are the best option .

As you see, everything depends on the needs you can cover , the personality you have and your lifestyle, because just as human beings are not equal, animals are not either, and each one of them will be especially suitable for each of we.

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