Tips for avoiding cat fights

Cats are very territorial animals and it is not uncommon to have fights between them. If you already live with a cat at home and are thinking of bringing you a companion, you should bear in mind that you are likely to ever quarrel. In general, they are unimportant fights but it is important that you know how to react to avoid injuries and that the problems go beyond that.

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Cats entering and leaving the house are more likely to encounter some strange felines and fights may occur. When they happen outside the home they are more difficult to avoid.

If you want to know more about the fights that take place between cats and how to stop them, keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide. It is important to know when to intervene to avoid scratches or bites. So let’s give you some tips to avoid cat fights .

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Why do cats fight?

It is impossible to determine exactly why cats fight between them. We can only guide ourselves based on the character of the cat and the situation that happens, trying to guess what can cause the fight. The main reasons that cause cat-fights are as follows:

  • Luta pelo território: Especialmente quando um novo felino chega a casa, é possível que os gatos que já vivem em casa mostrem alguma rejeição. Começam a bufar, ocorrem emboscadas e pode ser que o seu gato não deixe o novo pet acessar à comida ou água. Dependendo do caráter dos gatos, se forem machos ou se não estiverem esterilizados podem chegar a ocorrer feridas se a inimizade continuar. Esta situação pode provocar estresse no novo felino e atrasar a sua adaptação à casa.

    Para evitar estas brigas iniciais deve separar os comedouros, de maneira a que o novo felino tenha o seu próprio espaço. Assim, também evitará que o gato original se sinta invadido por o outro gato utilizar o seu comedouro.

  • Fighting for females : When several cats live at home, among them males and females without sterilization, many fights can occur. Especially during the heat season, the males will try to mate with the female.

    Sterilization avoids these situations, makes it easier to coexist between them and prevents unwanted pregnancies. Keep in mind that it is very difficult to keep a female without being sterilized away from the males if they live in the same house. Find out in our article about the benefits of castrating a cat to know more about the topic.

  • Defense : When a cat feels threatened or trapped it can become very aggressive. You may be frightened by a strange person, a dog or an unknown cat. They are especially frightened if they are trapped and can not escape this situation.

If your cat bristles its tail, arching its back and starting and emitting a growl means that it feels threatened or frightened. You should never try to grab him or try to stroke him. It’s best to keep him quiet and come back when you’re calmer. Bear in mind what caused this situation, since in identical situations can get to attack to defend itself.

The arrival of a new cat

The arrival of a new cat home is a very important event in our cats’ lives. They feel they own their home, so the entrance of a new feline represents an invasion of their territory. Therefore, we must prepare the first visit of our new cat:

  • Prepare a zone for the new cat : you must have your own water and food. If on a first contact you try to eat from your cat’s feeder, it may react badly.
  • Snarling and snorting : It is normal that at first contact the two cats growl, stare and be wary. Do not worry, this is normal. Do not try to get them to play or approach from the first moment. They must do so of their own free will as the days go by.
  • Gradual presentation : if possible make the first visit only last a few minutes and that little by little they will share their space. Closing the two in the same room without knowing each other will lead to a fight.
  • Avoid jealousy : Try to pay the same attention to both cats. Jealousy between cats can cause fights. Keep this in mind, especially in the early days.
  • Cat walkways : Preparing an environment in which a cat can hide, climb and feel more comfortable can help make the first few days more positive. Use walkways and bridges.

Properly preparing the arrival of the new feline can help avoid cat-fights and malaise in the home. A responsible adoption should always plan these little details. Read our full article on how to get accustomed to a cat with another puppy .

Play or fight?

Even when your cats get along very well, it is possible that there will be occasional fights every now and then. They have food in abundance and they have enough space, but they still fight. Do not worry, it is customary, cats have a very special character and between them occur and resolve small disputes.

Still, fights are not good and we should be able to tell when our cats are playing or fighting. Sometimes, especially young cats, play very intensely , and it may be that at some point they growl or snort as a warning. These are times when the game should end. Cats will sort this out among themselves. It is not advisable to intervene in these cases, unless the fight has clearly been made.

To know if it is a fight or a joke among brothers, we should observe and pay attention to each cat. If you know your personality you can immediately recognize what is happening.

How To Stop a Cat Fight

To begin with, it is essential to know how to differentiate a fight or principle of aggression with a simple alert . Cats, like other animals, can not express between themselves what they feel through words. For this reason, in the face of discomfort or annoyance respond through growls, snorting and showing teeth.

Repressing this natural behavior of the cat can result in an aggressive cat and an aggressive one, since we are teaching that it should not growl and therefore could attack directlywithout warning. When our cat snorts at another cat he is explaining what his limits are and how far he can go. Do not worry.

If you notice fights between your cats, it is important not to let them continue. If they let them fight, they can get hurt in the ears or in the neck. They will get used to this relationship and it will be very difficult to correct this behavior. When your cats start fighting, follow these tips:

  • Do not try to separate them : When two cats are caught in a fight they may scratch or bite if you try to separate them. Never put your hands between them.
  • Get your attention : Say a firm “No” or another loud word. A whistle or a blow is also valid. It should catch the attention of the cats to stop paying attention to the fight. This will probably make the less dominant individual flee.
  • Spray : You can use a water spray to separate them, but this action may turn against you, take that into account.
  • Never use physical punishment : Aggression is never productive. You will only get the relationship with your cat worse. Positive reinforcement should always be used . You can use rewards to reward them when they reconcile.

If your cats have quarreled or almost did it, it’s a good idea to try to anticipate and prevent it from happening again, read on and find out the YourCatCareguide’s proposals.

How to avoid fights?

To avoid fighting between the cats that we have at home we must observe them and know their personality. Each cat reacts differently to certain situations. Some are especially rude when sharing food and others bother them when they sleep. Follow these tips:

  • Anticipate yourself : when two cats are tense it is obvious. When you see them begin to get closer to each other, get their attention and try to get things over with. A simple word in a high tone can distract them and end the discussion.
  • To promote a pleasant environment : walkways, tranquility and relaxing music can help you create a suitable environment to reign in your home. If, on the other hand, you are shouting, breaking objects and making your cats crazy, it is very likely that some problem may arise.
  • Find out what caused the fight : Although sometimes we do not know the cause, in others we can perceive. If you find that the problem is because you compete for the same bed or the same toy, solve that question. Buy another bed or other toy to avoid fights. Using the litter box can also cause fights, so pack two litter boxes.

In a matter of weeks the new cat and the old cat will share jokes and probably bed. The cats are very affectionate among them, when they know each other and have spent time together without quarreling, they sanitize each other and their relationship will be closer. It is very gratifying for our cats to get along, because they will spend a lot of time together at home and in many cases without the control of their owner.

And when you’re not home?

The ideal would be to separate the cats in different zones of the house so as not to quarrel between them. In addition to radically avoiding any kind of fighting, they will help you relax and feel comfortable.

When separating them, do not forget that everyone should have access to food, fresh water, a litter box and a comfort zone. In addition, intelligence toys such as kong can help calm your stress by providing relaxation and stimulating your mind.

If you want to read more articles that might be useful to you , please visit our Behavior Issues section .

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