Tihar, a Nepal festival honoring animals

Tihar is a festival that is celebrated in Nepal and in some states of India like Assam, Sikkim and West Bengal. Diwali is an official and very important festival in the Hindu countries as it celebrates the triumph of light, good and knowledge of all evils. The festival marks the end of the year for the lunar calendar of Nepal, the Nepal Sambat.

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The Tihar, also called Swanti, is an autumn festival, although the exact date varies with the year. Usually it lasts about five days and in the Animal Expert we want to speak to you more on this subject once it blesses the animals.

Read on and find out all about Tihar, a Nepal festival that honors animals .

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What is Tihar and what is celebrated?

Both Tihar and Diwali are known as ” festivals of lights ” and are represented by small lanterns or lanterns called diyas that are placed inside and outside the houses, in addition they are realized fireworks shows.

Diwali is a time of prayer and spiritual renewal , in which people clean their homes and families come together to celebrate, pray and offer gifts to each other. However, the most concrete rituals depend on religion. The lights represent the victory of knowledge and hope over ignorance and despair, and therefore triumph well over evil.

In Nepal, the Tihar marks the end of the national lunar calendar , so renewal is especially important. This sense of renewal applies in many aspects to life, such as health, business or wealth. Despite this, most people celebrate the new year in April with the Vaisakhi festival , as it does in Punjab.

The five-day events at Tihar or Swanti

The Tihar is a Nepalese festival that lasts five days. In each one of them are realized different rituals and celebrations that we describe to him next:

  • Day one: Kaag Tare celebrates the crows as messengers of God.
  • Day two: Kukur tihar celebrates the loyalty of dogs.
  • Day three: Gai tihar celebrates and honors the cows. It is also the last day of the year, and people pray to Laxmi , the goddess of wealth.
  • Day four: Goru tihar celebrates and honors the cows, and Mha Pua celebrates the new year with the full care of the body.
  • Day Five: Bhai Tika celebrates the love between brothers and sisters, praying and offering garlands and other gifts.

During the Tihar, it is a tradition for people to visit their neighbors, sing and dance to seasonal songs such as Bhailo (for girls) and Deusi Re (for boys). They also bless and offer money and gifts to charity.

How do you honor the animals in Tihar?

As we have explained, Tihar is a festival in Nepal that honors dogs, crows, cows and oxen as well as their relationship with humans. To better understand how they honor and celebrate this tradition, we explain to you their activities:

  • Ravens ( Kaag tihar) believe that they are messengers of God who bring pain and death. In their favor and to avoid bringing with them the bad events, people offer sweets like sweets for example.
  • Dogs ( Kukur tihar ) dogs stand out over other animals because of loyalty and honesty. They offer them chrysanthemums or garlands of chrysanthemums and goodies. The dogs are also honored with tilaka , a red mark on the forehead: something that is always done to the guests or the idols of prayer.
  • Cows and oxen ( Gai and tihar Goru ): It is widely known that cows are sacred in Hinduism, since they symbolize wealth and motherhood. During the Tihar, garlands are offered to cows and oxen as well as treats. Also lights are lit with sesame oil in his honor. In addition cow dung is used to make large mounds.

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