Things You Should Know About Cats

Cats are very sweet pets that make us company without having to devote too much time and effort. It is one of the best companion animals and undoubtedly the most loved ones!

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Until you have a cat in your house you will not realize the unique moments they give us. Among the sofas you will discover a very surprising animal that will offer you really funny and curious situations.

In this article by YourCatCareguide, we reveal some things you should know about cats if you do not already have one.

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1. They are very sleepy

A cat can get to sleep up to 18 hours a day ! These are animals that love to curl up in any comfortable place and take their nap. But … Do not think that if you are bored, the positions they adopt are really curious.

2. They are more vain than you

Cats clean themselves constantly. They love to see that your hair is beautiful and hairstyle as it should be. They can spend up to 4 hours a day cleaning their bodies . However be careful with the dreaded balls of hair .

3. Lick you

Ever wondered, why do cats lick each other? If a cat licks you does not mean that it is trying to caress you, it demonstrates that it likes you.

4. They love their plush dolls

Do not be jealous, but the sure thing is that a plush doll can make a cat very happy , even turning it into your best friend. Is it because they are warm after hugging them or because they spend many hours with them? Be that as it may, the truth is that cats really like their toys.

5. They are very affectionate

If someone tells you that cats are not affectionate, that person is lying. Undoubtedly cats, although more independent, are very sociable animals that roam their tails in front of our noses. They love watching you, rubbing you and even letting you mime them for hours.

6. Your cat decides when to let you give pampering

Cats have lots of personality. If they get tired of you, you will know. Do not be alarmed if you get a little bite during a beautiful, loving affair, just get tired of you … for the same reason for now.

7. Love to talk

Although difficult to differentiate in the beginning, cats can pronounce up to 100 different sounds . Its sound capacity is 10 times superior to that of the puppies.

8. Do not have bad wake up

Unlike the people, the cat does not wake up in a bad mood , quite the opposite: they love to wake you up and give you a good night, hoping to receive affection in return. They are very sweet! I would like to share a beautiful picture of Breakfast at Tiffanys .

9. Can be very persistent

Cats are masters and masters of their lives. They’ll do whatever they want. If you decide not to open the door in the morning not to let him in, you can spend a good amount of time pissing. Better open the door.

10. Stop being so independent

When a cat gets used to you, it can not be without you. The truth is that little by little you will observe reactions that are much more attentive to you, your behavior and habits. Maybe he will not follow you around the house, but he will yell to greet you and go wherever you go.

11. They disappear between cabinets

Dark, clothing, soft, warm … The ingredients needed to create an ideal environment to take a nap. Cats love closets , if you leave a closet open, be sure to check it out before closing it again.

12. Know when to ration food

Cats know how to ration the ration it gives them. A bowl full of ration can last for days. Your only weakness will be the tins of damp food. In this case they will not resist and will eat everything from a single settler.

13. Really funny

The expressions of a cat are fantastic , they are very entertaining and we can enjoy many funny scenes in the day to day.

14. The black cat gives good luck

Although the idea that black cats give bad luck is widespread , in the UK and Asia they believe exactly the opposite, these are very appreciated and for them are a symbol of good luck.

15. Having a cat prolongs your life

Effectively among the benefits of having a cat we highlight that produce relaxation and are great pillars to fight against stress.

The peace they transmit when they sleep, the purr they produce when we caress them or their soft touch, provide a more peaceful and serene life , which results in a greater longevity.

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