15 Things You Need To Know About Dogs

The dogs are very faithful and affectionate animals and therefore deserve to be called best friends of man . Whoever has a dog at home will understand perfectly every moment that we will describe in this list. If you have not yet, but briefly will adopt a dog: you need to know what to expect from these fantastic animals.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we are going to count 15 things that you need to know about dogs. Keep reading!

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1. Who is there?

Although it can not be generalized, most dogs are vigilant in nature. It has probably happened more than once that, at the slightest noise in the door, your dog begins barking exaggeratedly, as if he were questioning who is there …

Also find out in the YourCatCareguide some advice to make the dog stop barking . But honestly … who does not like your dog to alert you to any unwanted visits? I love!

Do not stop kissing you

Sometimes dogs are a little persistent in trying to get attention, kissing you excessively until they fill your face with drool . Some dogs even go so far as to stick their tongue inside their nose or mouth.

3. Eternal puppies

Even if your dog is an adult or even older, he will always behave like a baby. This is one of the sweetest qualities dogs have: they are very active and playful. Find the right kind of toy for your puppy, to motivate him to always maintain a fun attitude throughout his life.

4. Dog does not sleep on the walk and prefers the floor

Even after you rinse the walk with all the affection or buy that special model, the dog will lie on the ground! The truth is that many dogs prefer anything but their walks. Either way, you can teach the dog to sleep on his bed by reading the article in which we explain how to do it step by step.

5. Dog wants to eat everything

We all know what happens when the dog hears the sound of the plastic from the packet of chips . At that moment he becomes the most obedient dog in the world and puts on that face that is so irresistible that it is difficult to keep the distance.

6. His part of the bed and his

You can not expect your dog to want to share your own bed. If you’re not careful, it ends up putting you out of bed or just letting the feet zone free for you.

7. Dogs screw up when they are alone

Some dogs, because they like their guardians too much, are extremely sad when they are alone , even biting shoes and other objects.

The most serious cases occur when dogs suffer from separation anxiety . You should never punish your dog for this. What you should do is help solve the problem, such as using kongand active exercise and consult a specialist if the case is serious.

8. Dog is easily scared.

Dogs can be frightened when they encounter an object or other pet they have never seen before . The reactions of dogs are sometimes as funny as surprising.

9. The look of “Let’s go to the street?”

The dogs love to walk! In addition to being able to do the needs, it’s a lot of fun for them. When the dog wants to leave, he may even cry a little and insist with the guide in his mouth. They are so cute!

10. Go crazy when you go home

The dog is the one who best shows the joy to see you return home. He becomes visibly insane with happiness.

11. Become your shadow

The truth is that when a dog loves you, it is difficult to avoid being followed everywhere: whether you go in the kitchen to prepare a toast or even in the bathroom, your dog is always willing to follow you everywhere!

12. You will love your baby as his own too.

I do not know if you’ve ever seen what a dog’s first reaction to the arrival of a baby is. What is certain is that the dogs have a sense of sex for it and understand the delicacy that must be had with a newborn . You will find that your puppy is the most patient babysitter that can exist in the world.

13. They are always happy

A dog has no bad days or bitterness . You will always be able to have a good day if you want. They are so grateful and sweet that if you adopt a dog your life will be more happy and positive. It is more than proven!

14. Never get tired of your pampering

Unlike cats , dogs rarely get tired of being petted and cuddled. They are sometimes even boring because they insist and want attention at all times.

15. They are the best friends you can have.

There is no doubt that dogs are the best companions of life . Loyalty, beauty, companionship and understanding are the best gift we can have in this life.

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