5 things you do wrong when you walk your dog

Walking a dog does not mean just going down to the street and letting him do his needs. It goes far beyond that. The moment of walking should allow your relaxation and the well-being of the animal, always contemplating what is best for him.

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In this article we will explain to you 5 things you do wrong when you walk your dog , so try to avoid them and change for the better.

Next we show you the basic problems of the walk that most people are facing, find out if it is also one of them.

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1. Do not let them sniff and smell

It is normal for you to feel a slight sense of revulsion when you watch your dog smelling pee or dirt on the floor, it is normal. However, you must understand that it is part of the nature of dogs . When they have this behavior happen two very important things:

  • Relaxation : Stressed dogs or those who are very restless are benefited if they sniff without pressure. It allows you to relax and channel your nervousness.
  • Environment : urine tells your dog about who lives in the same area: whether they are males, females or puppies. All this helps them to orient themselves and to understand better where they live and who transits through this region.

If your dog is properly vaccinated does not have to worry, it will not catch any infection. However, you can choose to stroll through more “green” places to avoid the excessive dirtiness of more urban environments.

Why does not my dog ​​sniff?

If your dog seems to show no interest in sniffing and sniffing other urines, flowers or nooks, it may be a stress problem . Is he nervous? Changed? Show him how to do it by using a “bait”:

  1. Sit in a place with trees or minimally clean, never in the middle of the city.
  2. Look for uneven terrain to do this.
  3. Spread ration in one square meter.
  4. Wait until the dog finds food with its beacon.

2. Pull the strap when the dog pulls it too.

Let’s be honest with you: you will not get anything by pulling . In YourCatCareguide we are tired of watching bad advice circulating on the Internet. Believe it or not, giving your dog’s strap or guidewires causes stress and possible health complications such as intraocular pressure or throat problems. Stop doing so immediately.

What should I do if my dog ​​pulls the tab?

First of all you should buy an anti-tug harness like the one you see in the picture. Secondly, you should change your walking habits as we explained in our article on advice to prevent the dog from pulling the tab .

3. Scream or beat them when they catch up with another dog.

Right now this attitude is totally reprehensible: it should NEVER hit a dog . If you notice that you bark or try to attack other dogs you have to turn to a professional, leave this place quickly or at least be informed about the guidelines you should follow, always using positive reinforcement.

Just as you would with a child, you should try to make him feel good and help you overcome your problems or fears properly. Call an ethologist if necessary. Using aggression will only make the dog have a bad time and his relationship with other dogs can not advance in the best way.

The best way to educate a dog is to teach him how to behave. If during the ride you are nervous, tense and aggressive, the animal itself will follow this example. It is best to offer you a quiet and relaxed ride avoiding situations that might trigger a negative reaction.

4. Do not allow them to relate

Except for dogs that have an aggressive behavior with others, it is very important that you let your dog relate to others. It is crucial that animals can relate to each other.

You can simply find a dog in the same region with which you can walk together. In some occasions conflicts arise, but this should not end the desire to relate to other dogs, it is very important to get a social and affectionate dog .

5. Rides that are too short or too long

You should understand that each dog is unique and has specific needs with regard to walking habits: the more nervous dogs need more time, the older dogs need peace of mind and those with difficult breathing less exposure to intense heat may be the case of pug)

You should analyze your dog’s needs in a concrete way and exercise him if necessary with different physical activities , always adapted to him and at his pace.

As a rule, a dog’s walk should last between 20 to 30 minutes and should be repeated two to three times a day . Strive to offer a proper ride to your dog and you will see better behavior, attitude and happiness in your eyes.

If you would like to read more articles that look like 5 things that are bad for your dog , we recommend you to enter our Basic Education section .

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