10 Things You Did not Know About Rabbits

Rabbits are far from simple animals. They have special characteristics of their species that differentiate them from other creatures of the animal kingdom. And sure enough, as much as you like rabbits, there are many things you still do not know about them. Learning new and interesting facts about rabbits will help you to give you a better life and build a better relationship with it if you have a pet. Behind this tender, kind face lies a fascinating world. If you are considering bringing a rabbit home or already have one and you want to know more about it, keep reading this article from ExpertAnimal where we will show you the 10 things you did not know about rabbits that we know you will find interesting.

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1. A peculiar way of life

Rabbits who live in wild environments live underground in groups with other rabbits. They live with their families and feel secure in being with them. The pits where rabbits live are known as burrows. Now you know why domestic rabbits like the tunnels so much, or how to stay and pass between your legs.

In fact, thanks to their life under the earth where the temperature is cooler, the rabbits that surround us are especially sensitive to the summer heat . For their survival during the days of high temperatures, it is necessary to provide them with ventilation, ice and water almost all the time.

2. Eat your own feces

Although this is a difficult fact to understand for us humans, everything has its explanation and moreover it is totally normal for them. They do not eat all the feces, only part of them and once a day, either early in the morning or at night.

The part we are referring to is called “cecotropes” or “nocturnal stools” and basically are products of fermentation of foods that contain the greatest amount of nutrients and that rabbits find it necessary to be ingested and processed again, so eat them .

3. Excellent vision

Rabbits have a special insight that is important to note. Your senses are excellent, although that of vision is the most developed. Like fish, rabbits can see everything that hides behind them and the only blind spot they have is very small and lies in front of their nose. They are the possessors of almost 360 degrees of panoramic vision . This ability helps them spot predators from almost any direction.

4. Happy rabbits

When a rabbit is happy he can not hide it, they are very expressive creatures and even more so when they want to make them feel happy. In moments of excitement for happiness, the rabbits behave in a beautiful, wild and private. They begin to carry out sequences of somewhat wild movements that include: quick jumps in the air, running desperately and making sudden turns.

5. Where do they come from?

Today’s domestic rabbits are descended from a European species and rumors say they come from Roman times around AD 44 that they were raised in walled spaces and then eaten as part of a delicious dish.

Currently in Europe, the rabbit is still used in some traditional gastronomy dishes (something unthinkable for other cultures). Luckily for many rabbits, these creatures are now our pets and part of our family.

6. They are vegans

If you already have a rabbit, you probably already know, these animals are totally vegan, that is, they eat absolutely nothing of animal origin. Their favorite dishes are all those filled with vegetables and fruits. Your body, especially your digestive system, works actively and steadily so that the intestinal transit does not stop . For this reason, it is so important that they always have hay at their fingertips. Without these elements, our friends could become ill from malnutrition and even die.

7. Many bunnies

One of the things that impresses most about rabbits is the ease they have in creating offspring . A female can get a litter of babies every 28 or 30 days. Your gestation process is violent but very fast. The problem is what you’re going to do with so many bunnies in the house. If you want to prevent this, it will be best to castrate your rabbit in time.

8. They are territorial

Virtually all creatures in the animal kingdom are territorial and rabbits are no exception. To make it clear what their territory is, these animals rub their chin (where they have their olfactory glands) on almost all of their surfaces around them, it could even rub a person. You know, when your rabbit rubs its whiskers on something, it’s because it’s marking its territory .

9. Teeth in development

Like humans, the nails of the rabbits never stop growing. However, what is curious is that your teeth also do not stop doing it, they are always growing . This is an important fact about these animals as they use hay and wooden toys to chew and keep their teeth cut.

If a rabbit’s teeth fail to grind and grow in poor condition, this can cause a bad smell and so they will stop eating, which can be very dangerous. If you notice an abnormal growth of the rabbit’s teeth , do not hesitate and consult your veterinarian , keep in mind that 12 hours without food can be deadly for a rabbit.

10. A sad reality

Rabbits are the third most abandoned animals in refuges and industrial environments. These are affectionate and very nervous creatures that need a lot of affection. It is important to know that having a rabbit is to have a pet for many years (between 8 and 10) and that from the moment you have it at home, it is already part of the family. At YourCatCareguide we encourage you to always choose the option of adoption instead of buying any animal.

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