10 things you did not know about dogs

If you love dogs like us, you will not be able to stop reading this top 10 of things you did not know about dogs .

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In addition to being fun and cheerful pets, dogs bring with them an important past in the memory of the human being. Thanks to the internet we can share this wonderful ranking so you know everything about your favorite pet.

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Dog sees colorful

Dogs do not see black and white as they made us believe, they see life in color , just like us- Although their field of vision is shorter than that of humans, dogs are able to see in the dark.

Although they see in color, they do not see as we do. According to some scientific studies , dogs are more likely to see blue and yellow. On the other hand, do not distinguish pink, red and green.

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Dog has fingerprint?

Did you know that a dog’s muzzle is unique? The truth is that there are no two snakes the same, as with the fingerprints of humans, the dogs also have their own brand.

Another thing is that the muzzle color can change whether it is due to a burn or the season changes.

First living being cast in space was a dog

The first living being who traveled to space was a dog! Her name was, Laika. This Soviet dog was picked up in the street and became the first “astronaut” to travel to space in the ship called Sputnik.

Laika, like many other dogs, was trained to get in and stay hours on a spaceship. She was one of many mutt dogs used in this experiment.

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Oldest dog breed

We might consider Saluki to be the oldest domesticated breed of dog in the world . We can see figures of this wonderful dog dating from 2,100 BC in Egypt. It is considered one of the most intelligent and obedient dogs in the world.

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Cachorro Fila Brasileiro chasing slaves

In Century XVII was used the Fila Brasileiro to control the slaves and to persecute them when they escaped of the plantations. It is called “the butcher”. This measure was popular at the time, since the imposing size of this great dog intimidated the slaves who, for fear of the animal, avoided fleeing.

The Chowchow dog has a blue tongue.

The Chowchow dog has a tongue of a dark color that varies between black, blue and purple. But why does Chowchow have the blue tongue? Although there are several hypotheses, it is considered to be a consequence of an excess of melanin or a lack of tyrosine. Either way, it gives it a unique and unmistakable look.

Watch out for the dog

The well-known ” Care for the Dog ” posters first appeared in ancient Rome. It was the citizens who placed these warnings near the door as if it were a carpet. They could also put it on the walls near the door.

Dogs sweat through the tongue

Unlike the human being the dog through the mouth and the pads of the legs , if it were not so it would be impossible to regulate its temperature. The thermoregulatory system of dogs is less efficient than that of humans.

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The world’s fastest dog is the greyhound

The greyhound is considered the fastest of all dogs , hence the already old affluence to dog races. It can reach 72 kilometers per hour, more than a moped.

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Dobermann comes from Louis Dobermann

The Dobermann gets its name thanks to Louis Dobermann, a tax collector who feared for their safety. In this way he began to create a specific genetic line of dog that combined strength, ferocity, intelligence and loyalty . In fact this man got what he was looking for and nowadays we can enjoy this wonderful dog.

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