5 things the dog breed says about you

When we choose a dog breed as a pet, we do this for some reason. We often know why we like more than one dog instead of another, others do not know why, but we prefer a Boxer instead of a Chihuahua. This is because, whether deliberately or not, our decision stems from an unconscious reaction that relates our personality to the type of dog in question. Basically your dog can reflect many things about your personality, your tastes and your lifestyle.

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For example, if you are a very active person, you will not seek to pet a sedentary dog ​​because personality level will shock you all the time. Lastly and as in all relationships, there must be things in common. It is very interesting to walk on the street and see people with their respective companions and observe that they even share certain physical characteristics. Hence comes the famous saying “Dogs look like their owners”.

Want to know what the dog breed says about you ? Keep reading this YourCatCareguide article and see how your dog and you look much more with each other than what you think.

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The physical appearance

In some cases, a dog may become a person’s mirror . Unconsciously we look for a dog that looks like us even in his physique. This demonstrates the personal ego and, at the same time, the importance of the presence that this dog will have in our life. Our pet will be a mini version of ourselves.

Large men, with a strong appearance, usually choose dogs with this same type of physique. In addition, women who are more feminine, delicate, elegant and who like to take care of their image, identify with smaller or large, but stylized dogs, such as Shih Tzu , Maltese , Chihuahuaor Afghan Hound . As we have already mentioned, we make it clear that the choice of the dog can be determined by sex, however, it is not a mandatory rule.

The personality

Personality is a key factor in choosing your pet. Open, spontaneous and extroverted people look for the same in their dog and these will be the souls of the canine parties in all the parks. If, on the contrary, your dog is withdrawn, antisocial and timid, you might think about opening up a little more to the outside world and taking your dog on this new social adventure. A jealous and suspicious person will educate your dog to stay away from other dogs or will bring you close to just one or the other dog.

The same thing happens with regard to puppy education. An uneducated dog that does not obey it, which is too independent and constantly bothering other dogs and their owners, sometimes is a sign that their own owner is also careless, unsociable and does not spend enough time with him. However, this is not a rule, as there are cases of responsible owners who can not correct the bad behavior of their furry companion. For them, we recommend that you consult an ethologist as soon as possible and leave the situation in the hands of professionals.

Dogs that are more active than hyperactive are often the pets of people who consider sport as an essential part of their life and who love activities such as crossfit or bootcamps. In contrast, an over-trained, almost military-style dog will surely have an owner with a stiff personality and a very demanding lifestyle.

And, to end with the things that the dog breed says about our personality , people who need to feel safe will choose breeds of dogs that bring them confidence and security, like guard dogs. However, this point need not necessarily be related to low self-esteem.

How did your dog get home?

The way your pet arrived in your new home can give you a lot of hints about your personality. If you’ve always wanted a dog but you’ve never thought about it seriously, and one day you go to a pet store and walk away with a puppy in your arms, a sign that you may be prone to impulsiveness.

If, on the other hand, you are a methodical person, too organized and even undecided, you can spend years reading, asking and investigating before having a pet. If your case is that you have bought a pedigree purebred puppy from champions of competition and that has cost you all your savings, this may indicate arrogance and indicate that you are constantly keen to demonstrate your achievements to other people. However, there are also cases of people who resort to buying simply because they are unaware of the large number of dogs that are in shelters waiting for a new home.

Adopted a dog in a shelter or took it off the street? So you have a generous, selfless and compassionate personality. Rather than looking for a particular breed of dog, what interests you is to be part of a creature’s life and that it is part of yours, that is to say that you are a person who empathizes with ease.

Care and hygiene

How often do you shower your dog ? Cut your nails and hair regularly? Caring for your dog is an aspect that will speak volumes about you because your pet will reflect your own personal hygiene . It is not the same thing a clean and tidy dog, that a careless with us in the hair and with problems in the teeth.

The type of pet’s hair is also an indicator of your personality. If you are meticulous, neat and clean, you will choose dogs with short hair. If he is more carefree, he will not mind so much that he is a longhaired dog, of those who leave the hairs wherever they pass.

Other indicators

The people who like to take care of themselves , living a healthy life and care about their environment, often feed their dogs more carefully. That is, they take time to prepare them rich dishes and whenever they go to the supermarket they think of them and buy them treats. However, it does not necessarily mean that you feed your dog with canned food or feed, have a sloppy personality and that your pet’s welfare does not interest you. What you may want to say is that you are a pragmatic person who likes to take things with ease and who trusts the traditional brands of dog food.

A dog that feels comfortable walking all over the house, but respects some limits, is the pet of an educated person , who at the same time considers him part of the family. If you get to the point of sharing your bed with the dog, it means that you are a very loving and sweet person, but that in some you can let yourself fall into submission.

Owners who have their dog all the time away from home, who do not let them in or who have him arrested, are people with possessive impulses , but at the same time, if they are indifferent and consider their dog as a good, more than as a companion.

Now, what do you think the breed your dog says about you? With all these data you can already check if your dog is a complete reflection of you or just share some things.

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