10 things dogs teach us

Who says we can not learn anything every day and that, this knowledge can not come from our dogs? Many people believe that it is we humans who teach our furry best friends to live. However, often the opposite happens.

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Puppies are reminders that the best lessons can come from the most unexpected places. If we are receptive, we can learn more than we think , especially when we refer to important aspects of life that we are accustomed to take for granted.

Dogs are phenomenal teachers for us humans. Keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide in which we will show you a list of the 10 things that dogs teach us . Do not forget to tell us at the end of the article in the comments, what your dog taught you. Share your experience with us!

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1. They are never too old to stop playing

Having a space to remember and bring back that time we played, regardless of time and consequences, is something that dogs teach us every day. The play for them, puppies and adults, is part of their daily life.

The simplest things are the best

For example, playing with a stick is the best there is. For some incomprehensible reason (because the complexity of life is not a sufficient motive), adults forget that they were children, and as they grow older they become more serious, inflexible, and rigid, and lose sight of the importance of finding these lucid moments in life. We will always be children inside, although abroad we will become old.

2. Shut up a little to hear more

There is no two-way conversation if one of the people does not stop talking about herself, it is something we sometimes do unconsciously. We dominate our human encounters by talking about ourselves and we hear very little what the other person has to say to us.

This is what we should learn from the dogs, they listen attentively, listen to each other and listen to themselves. When you talk to your pet, it shows interest, it is as if you are your center of the universe. At this moment there is nothing else.

You should try to listen more and let the tongue rest. This is a sign of respect and empathyworth appreciating. You will see that people will want to get closer.

3. Do not swallow food, enjoy it

Puppies eat pretty much the same thing every day. A human being would die of annoyance if that was your case. However, for the dogs their ration will always be a delicacy of the gods.

It is also true that dogs usually eat as if there is no tomorrow, but this does not mean that they are not enjoying the food, quite the opposite. All food is rich because it is life. We should try to find the pleasure of all kinds of food, from a bread and butter, to rice or food from a five-star restaurant or our mother’s specialty.

4. The same as the first time

Seeing someone you love can be as exciting as the first time. This is one of the things we value most in dogs, the thrill of seeing him again . All dogs are crazy for happiness, even if it’s only been 5 minutes since they last met you.

A dog waits at the door of the house and rushes towards us when we arrive. Why do not we do it? We are constantly granted the presence of other people, when in fact it is a great gift to count on your company. To love and to enjoy is not only to say it, but to demonstrate it.

5. Let go of anger

A dog will never be upset the next day because you scolded him the night before. Most dogs get upset among them, but soon they play again as if it were nothing. Dogs have the gift of short memory and zero rancor, unlike the man, who can spend days, months and even years filled with anger and frustrations.

It may seem cliché and something difficult to apply, but it is true, because each day may be the last, it is not worth spoiling it with nonsense. It should be a bit more exclusive with anger and choose well the battles. He must let actions be guided by good intentions and not by ego and rancor.

6. Do not correct the past

The past can not be corrected, but the present can be improved. Puppies only care if their owner will take you for a walk. Promising something that will happen tomorrow does not count today.

Keeping our word will create stronger relationships even with our dogs. Humans cling so much to the idea of ​​correcting the mistakes of the time that has passed, that they end up losing what is happening. Unfortunately, somewhere in our strange human mind, we believe it will always be there. Attachment to the past can keep us from seeing the present and moving forward into the future.

7. Live to the fullest

Just look at a dog when you take your head out of the window. Living the moment is one of his great teachings. The dogs have not looked back, have expectations, or make short, medium or long-term plans for their lives. Your routine is the simplest and most complicated routine to follow: eating, craving, playing, sleeping, and loving.

The next time you go out for a car ride, take your head out the window, you will feel like a dog living the moment .

8. Bullet-proof love

A dog does not need to know it for love. They are very sensitive and instinctive and will know whom to give their love to , but it will not take them a lifetime to give it to them. Your puppy will not hold your love until you demonstrate that you want it, it will give it by your own emotional initiative. They do not need to think and think, they just give it to them. The more love, the better.

9. They are as they are

A Boxer will never wish to be a German Shepherd, and a Bulldog will not want to have the paws a Greyhound has. They are as they are and are very well on their own skin.

We humans waste a lot of valuable time looking at ourselves in the mirror and wishing we have what we do not have and who we are not . We seek to see ourselves in a version of perfection that does not really exist, instead of accepting ourselves with all our characteristics, whatever they may be.

Life would be quite annoying if we were all the same, without diversity and originality, including animals and humans. Acceptance itself and that of others is the true key to happiness.

10. Loyalty and trustworthiness is your source of respect

Being loyal is one of the most important qualities that is unfortunately in danger of extinction, let alone trustworthy. There is no more loyal animal in the world than the dog, he is with you in the good and the bad times. The dog entrusts its own life to its owner, with closed eyes. There are people who trust but their own dog than others, even within their nearest circle.

Being present and being a good friend, father, brother and lover enriches us in many ways and enables us to build strong, positive and eternal relationships around us. Think about being less selfish and more generous, loyal and trustworthy.

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