10 Things Dogs Love

We all know that dogs love to play , to pet them, to eat all day, to sleep and to run on the beach. However, puppies have some preferences and behaviors they like that humans do not yet know so well.

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Dogs have various activities that make them happy. For them, it’s all about instinct, nature, and social preferences. So if you have a dog at home and you want to know more about the canine world, keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide, where we show you 10 things that dogs love and that certainly did not know yet.


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Collect trophies

Dogs love to pick up personal items that are not theirs, especially if they belong to their owner. For them they are a trophy because they are part of you (your favorite person) and have your scent. Often, in addition to picking them up, they take them to other rooms and hide them in places such as under carpets or in the laundry basket. They also have this tendency because they will do anything to get their attention , even if this is tantamount to having a “negative” behavior they hide their things because they like the interaction they receive from them. It is also true that it helps them to remain less bored as they end up having something to do, as if it were a mission.

Eat in private

Many human companions of dogs think that their pet loves to eat while being watched or that they view food as a social event. Although there are some who like to eat at the same time as their owners, for the dog the act of feeding is a personal moment. For a domesticated dog, you are the boss of the pack, so your dog feels much better eating in a private space where he is sure that the alpha male will not steal the food (this applies to any food or delicacy ). Do not be surprised if your dog gets what it gives you and goes elsewhere, understand that this is something that comes from your canine nature .

Always close to your feet

Your dog is part of you just as you are part of it. Standing at your feet is one of the most common behaviors and therefore is another of the things that dogs love to do. They with this say to all who come “out of here, this human is mine!”. They do this to minimize the distance with you, in addition to performing a transfer of odors as well.

This is a biological, emotional and social habit. Some experts point out that this is behavior that indicates protection from your dog, it acts as a barrier to any intruder and at the same time you provide a network of security, confidence and comfort.

Watch TV

Many people when leaving home leave the television on so the dog has company in his or her absence. Although dogs can not see how humans really like light, colors and sound , and for them it can be a mental stimulation and so it is one of the things that dogs love. In fact, some experts claim that dogs love watching TV because it helps them to become distracted and to fight boredom. However, these same animalist experts point out that television should not represent a substitute for love, human attention and physical exercise. However, if you have to leave your dog alone for a short period of time, do not miss ours on we explain how to leave the dog alone at home .

Make the bed

Puppies love comfort just like people do, and this will do their best to make your person space as perfect and relaxing as possible. To do this, the simplest way is to walk in circles a few times, as if you were making your own nest. By doing this, dogs spread their scent through space, making it clear that this is their territory. On the other hand they also prepare the terrain and the temperature of the space.

Swimming is synonymous with happiness

Have you ever seen a dog swimming? It’s a scene full of joy and we can see how they enjoy that moment. Swimming is an activity most dogs love, and they have a fantastic ability to do it, much better than most people do. For most dogs swimming is a great alternative to fun exercise for a walk at any time of the day.

Love for music

The dogs undoubtedly love the music . It is something that stimulates them emotionally and sensory, and to the surprise of many people, the dogs have a very fine ear. Classical music calms dogs, and heavy metal stirs them up, but your favorite is the vocal, so it’s time to sing for your dog. When the dogs howl, they pay special attention to the other canine sounds, with the purpose of modifying their tone so that it is unique and stands out among the others.

A good worker

Dogs are creatures with a sense of natural purpose. They love to do tasks and feel usefuland, by doing so, valued. Our pets have a natural inclination to do work, otherwise they get bored and feel restless. The tasks can range from picking up the newspaper, bringing the ball, to shepherding a flock of sheep , anything that can lead to some recognition and reward (both physical and emotional). Having nothing to do can cause your puppy to become depressed and feel void in its own nature.

I love traveling

Dogs do not like to stay home, they love to feel included and you take them everywhere, so traveling is another thing that dogs love. They will accompany you to anywhere without distinction. some dogs even get inside the suitcase of their human companions because they know they are going to travel and want to go with you. The dogs are not aware that they are dogs, they feel like part of the family, just like any other human being. And they are quite right!

Sleep with you

This is one of the things most dogs love in the world. Sleeping together with your human companion symbolizes the best moment not only of the day, but of your life. Letting them spend the night with you in your bed makes you feel privileged and part of your world because you are including it in your most personal space.

This is not to make it a habit or let you sleep in your bed, however, do not isolate your dog, or close your bedroom door every night. This will make you feel alone. A balanced solution is to at least let your dog be in the same space where you are.

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