8 things dogs do to get attention

When you have a pet at home, in this case we talk about dogs, there are many things that we do not know about them. It is difficult for us to understand whether when they do certain behaviors they do it because we do not properly educate them to play or because they have a health problem. That is, learning is fundamental, but there are many things that we certainly do not know about in our feline companion.

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In this article of YourCatCareguide we will show you 8 things that dogs do to get our attention , there are many more and certainly have many examples that do not come to mind because who shares his life with a dog knows what we are Speaking. Let’s give you some help to better understand dog language, so keep reading!

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1. Latem, sometimes very

The dogs bark is normal, we all know that. But how can we recognize if it is happiness, welcome or alert? The barking in dogs is more a part of their communication, both between their own species and with others, including man.

In order to control your barking , we must first understand why they do it. They may bark on good and appropriate grounds, at our discretion, as someone who is ringing the bell or simply passing the door, working with cattle or in strange situations, drawing our attention. But they may also bark excessively and inappropriately.

This usually happens in adult dogs, since in puppies this is limited to games, and sometimes does not even appear. Learn more about what your dog bark means in our article.

2. Cry when they do not feel well

Puppies use different types of vocalization to communicate , from a young age. When they are puppies, they use crying as a kind of meow to indicate that they are hungry or want the mother’s warmth. As the small grows can be differentiated 5 types of sleeps :

  • Uivar
  • Rosnar
  • To moan
  • Cry
  • Beat

They are all ways to get our attention. It will be helpful to learn how to differentiate them so that you can understand your puppy better, as well as help correct instruction in your behavior. It is not the same thing to growl during a game in which he seeks the possession of his toy, which growls when we touch his food, for in the latter case it will be a warning before biting.

In the case of puppies, crying is usually a way of catching our attention. What happens when we hear our little furry cry for an hour because we leave him alone to sleep in the dark? We took him and let him go to our bed so as not to suffer. That is, the dog was able to catch your attention and what you wanted with the cry. You must learn to perceive these things so that in the long run, do not pay a more expensive bill.

3. Bring us toys

Most likely this situation is no stranger to him, for sure that your dog has already brought you a ball or toy for you to send. Trying to play with us is always a way that they have to get our attention.

What happens when the toy is a prey?

All dogs and cats have a strong hunting instinct, very rooted in their genes. Surely you have noticed that when the dog picks up a heavier toy, it shakes it from side to side. This is due to their hunting instinct, imitating the wolves that when they have their prey they shake it to kill it. It is a behavior to catch our attention and sometimes even offends us. But we must understand it as such, perhaps not congratulate it, but understand what place each species occupies in the food chain.

4. Licking as a show of affection

The tongue in dogs is their most sensitive part, so licking a part of our body gives them a sense of security and closeness to us. Many times we see them lick each other, as if they were kisses, and other times, there are dogs that never lick. This is not characteristic of any particular species, just the personality of each dog. Remember that there are different types of licks and they can mean very different things.

Something that also draws many times to our attention is that, they may choose to lick our sweat . This can be a bit of a nuisance for some people returning from physical exercise and your dog will soon lick them. We have an explanation for this situation, our sweat has butanoic acid, which attracts the dogs since the taste is pleasing to them.

5. But stain it

This action we often teach our pet has a little trick. They do not always lick us the moment we asked. Very often, after we have taught them this or, in cases where no one has taught them to do this, we see that the dog does.

Unfortunately it is not about our dog being gifted or a genius who learns alone, it is more a behavior to catch our attention indicating that he wants something. In fact, it is a mechanics they have since birth, since during breastfeeding, they must press the mother’s belly to give them more milk.

6. Run from side to side

This happens many times during the life of our dog. Shorter paths when they are small and longer distances in the adult phase. Sometimes we do not play as much as our pet waits, either for lack of will, space or time. That’s why sometimes when they get back from the ride, they start running like crazy for no apparent reason. They do this as a way to burn off the excess energy that was left in the body and should come off.

7. Pursue the tail

This sign of lack of attention of the owner is related to the previous point. They are dogs that also have an excess of energy they wish to release. This behavior is perceived, in the wrong way, as if the dog was playing. But the real meaning is that our pet is bored, and when looking for something to entertain you see your tail wag and start chasing it. It is a stereotypy .

Another meaning of this behavior may be, medically speaking, the presence of internal or external parasites, inflammation of the anal gland, tumors and other examples for which the veterinarian should be consulted for a proper diagnosis. You will notice that in addition to chasing the tail, when sitting or leaning, licking or biting in the anus zone, so it is crucial to take it to the vet.

8. Bite Moms and Objects

It is almost innate behavior in our puppies. When they are small it is normal for them to bite each other. This would be a bit of an explanation as to why our dog bites everything that appears to him ahead. If we only have one puppy at home, it is normal to try to bite us during our stimulation or play. It’s not just a game , it’s your way of discovering the strength of your jaw , so it would be useful for both of you, set limits, so you can recognize when it hurts.

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