10 Things Dogs Hate in Humans

As in all relationships, where there are dogs and humans there are often misunderstandings, although some of us go unnoticed. In fact, to avoid these problems with your faithful friend you will have to prepare yourself for a number of issues. For example, you should know how dogs think , what their basic needs are, both physical and mental, and also know what irritates them.

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Discover in this article of the Animal Expert 10 things that dogs hate in humans and so can improve the relationship with your dog, taking advantage of both a relationship with more quality.

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1. Strong noises and smells

The hair dryer, the vacuum cleaner, the cars, the rockets, the sneezes, a cough or something that falls from our hands and makes a lot of noise, any loud noise bothers and annoys the dogs . is something normal, since they have an exceptional ear that allows you to hear sounds that escape us and also have a perception of vibrations much more sensitive than ours. Of course, there are dogs that have been raised since puppies with loud noises and have become accustomed to it, so do not panic, but the fact is that most of them are afraid and hate these strong noises.

The theme of strong smells is also something delicate for dogs. Like the ear, its smell is a thousand times more powerful than that of humans. Therefore, any odor that seems strong to your dog will be really uncomfortable. It is true that if it comes to the smell of food it does not bother them so much. But imagine the smells of chemicals, personal hygiene and house cleaning. They are very strong odors that irritate our furry nostrils so they can easily sneeze and escape to other places.

We should try not to scare our dog with loud noises whenever we can avoid it or try to accustom it to it. Also avoid using strong smelling products in the presence of our dog and ventilate the area well before it enters it.

2. Talk a lot and do not use our body language

Often we talk to our dog and that is fine, but if we do it in excess or if while we speak we do not use gestures and short words that the dog can get to learn and relate to something, we are just annoying our friend. He will not notice anything we say and in the end he gets nervous. They prefer to communicate with them with their body language and if they use words or sounds, it is best that they are few so that they can learn them during training and learning from puppies.

It is true that dogs understand the basic emotions of humans, but they do it through the body language and tone of voice we use. They definitely do not understand our full verbal language, just those basic words we teach them. So if we talk a lot and do not use body language this can confuse them. We should try to learn to talk to our dog and communicate with him with our body. Take a test, spend a whole day without telling you a single word. Just gesture, without exaggeration, and try to communicate with him through sign language . You can use some sound, but try not to say a word and you will see that you can communicate perfectly and that your faithful friend becomes more relaxed.

3. Our negative energy and scold us without realizing why

It may happen that when we are in a bad mood or upset with our dog because it has done something stupid, let us transmit that negativity as we would with a person. As we have already commented, dogs do not understand what we shout at them and most of the time they do not understand why we do it either. Obviously it is something that annoys you a lot, feels bad, receives negative energy and does not know why it happens.

We have to learn to avoid common mistakes when scolding a dog. One is to do it without being able to understand why, since having already spent a lot of time and another mistake is to be aggressive. There are much more effective ways that will make them understand us better.

4. Lack of structure

Dogs like to have a routine, although it can vary so they do not become too bored, and like to have a structure, since they feel safer and more tranquil. A broken dog, without a minimum of basic training, will end up being a happy little dog, since he will have insecurities and misunderstandings both with the family and with other dogs or animals. That’s why something else they do not like is the lack of structure in their family.

This structure and learning should cover many aspects, from who leads the group to the rides and food, among other things. For this, it is best that you first instruct yourself on the proper training for your dog.

5. Look them in the eye, pick them up in the face and pat them on the head

Dogs really do not like anything that we stare at them in the eyes. If you have ever done so, you may have noticed that you avoid looking when you do it, but you may have encountered one that holds your gaze higher and even growls. Prolonged eye contact for dogs is a challenge, so if you look away you become submissive and on the other hand if you put up with it and the other moves away, it will be the dominant one. It is dangerous to do this to dogs that we do not know, they can become aggressive. One thing is that if you cross your eyes, it is another thing to stare. So try not to keep your eyes fixed on the dog .

Also, another thing we often do is pick them up and shake and pat them on the head. This is a mistake, they do not like it very much. When they catch your face they get blocked, they feel trapped, remember it’s something they do not do. The pats on the head are uncomfortable and can even do them harm. When they put their hands over them, they perceive it as something dominant, if they pat them on the head, they get very restless. They are gestures that are normal for us, but for them they have a different meaning, so we should try not to do it. If you want to approach and greet a dog, it is best that you approach a little side, without staring and extending the hand a little allowing him to smell and meet you, once you accept it can make a fondness.

6. Excessive kissing and hugging

There are many things that are normal for us and we like to do, such as shaking, hugging and kissing our bigeyes, but they do not interpret everything as we do. Between dogs they do not hug or kiss as we do. For them, the fact that we kiss and hug them constantly becomes very confusing.

On the one hand, with the hugs they get blocked and for them to put their paws on top of another means they want to establish their domain , they can see it as a game to a certain extent. Although there are very affectionate and otherwise submissive dogs that accept hugs, most of them do not tolerate this very well. On the other hand, our kisses are like their licks and they lick for other reasons , one of them is when they want to show submission, so sometimes when we kiss them they can understand that we are submissive. That being the case, we are sending mixed signals and this makes the dog unusable and makes him feel uncomfortable.

7. Do not use the guide well and walk in a hurry

It is very often that there are things we do badly when we walk our dog , but we have to learn to correct this if we want to enjoy the rides and not make our dog feel bad. Sometimes we keep the tab tense, we are constantly tugging, we do not let it smell its environment, etc. Sometimes we also walk for very few minutes and get stuck getting somewhere or finishing the ride.

Not using the guide well and having prey during the ride is something that definitely our dog does not find much joke. You need plenty of time to explore your environment and relate to others. You will want to smell, stop and do your needs and play with others, this is normal. We have to be aware of our dog’s basic needs and learn to use the guide well and make quiet trips where he can enjoy himself.

8. Dress them unnecessarily

Of course, if it gets too cold or we need to cover any part of our dog’s body for any injury or problem, you can wear it with a sweater or with special clothes for them , even special boots, that is for sure and in some cases it is recommended . What our friends do not support, at least most of them, is that you see them only because they do or with things that are simply decorative and not functional at all. They do not feel comfortable if they can not walk well or have something they can not remove when they want. Some dogs learn to tolerate this, but many do not understand why someone would wear them with these things, even feel that other dogs do not approach them, something quite normal but that causes them repulsion and therefore in the long term a malaise emotional.

Remember that your dog is not a human, try not to humanize since this will only bring imbalances and problems. Wear it if you really need it.

9. Wash them often

For us it is normal to bathe every day, for dogs it is not like that. They keep themselves clean in their own way, need their body odor to communicate with others. So if we wash them often we are not doing them any favors . It’s one thing that you get soiled and you clean it, another very different is that you bathe it regularly with shampoos with intense smells. Dogs do not like this, they like to smell themselves, and the strong odors of the products we use can be uncomfortable for them.

It is good to bathe the dog at home or at the dog’s hairdresser from time to time, but we can not do it many times because, in addition to needing their scent to communicate, we are damaging the layers of natural protection of the skin and we can end up causing some health problem. We can clean them, but not overdo it.

10. Be bored or absent

Dogs can not bear to be bored, they want to do things and share their time with them. Therefore, they do not like anything that does not pay attention to them and that is boring. Obviously they hate you when you are away, they are never sure when you will return or if you will, hence the great joy you have when you return although you have only been a few minutes without seeing it. But the worst thing for them is when their human companion never returns. The worst thing that can happen to them is that they abandon it, they will never understand why and it costs them a lot to move on without their owner.

Now you know, do not be bored and do many things with your faithful companion, and try to be as short a time as possible, but above all, never leave him!

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