10 Things Dogs Make Better Than You

Dogs are animals with different qualities, instincts and reactions than we humans have. Often we are not aware, but the vast majority of animals have a shorter life than we humans.

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This makes dogs, in just 3 or 4 years of life, seem more sensible and mature than we are in teenagers. This is because dogs in a few years accumulate experiences equivalent to those that a human takes 20 or 30 years to pass.

In this article of YourCatCareguide we will show you 10 things that dogs do better than you , and we will also try to explain the reasons.

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1. Smell

If there is a sense in which dogs are superlatively superior to humans, it is the sense of smell .

The ration of this superiority is physiological, so much that it affects the nose, the respiratory system, and the cerebral area that deals with the sense of smell.

In the human nose it is estimated that there are 5 million olfactory cells, whereas in dogs the amount is between 200 and 300 million olfactory cells . In addition, the brain area designed by the dog to process information captured by its olfactory cells is 40% larger than the human brain intended for this purpose.

All these physiological circumstances make the canine smell be between 10,000 and 100,000 times stronger than that of humans. So the first conclusion is that any dog ​​has a better olfactory capacity than the human.

2. Listen

The sense of hearing is much more developed among dogs than among humans. Humans have a hearing level between 20 and 20000 Hz (hertz). The canine auditory spectrum is between 20 and 65000 Hz, the most sensitive frequency being between 500 and 16000 Hz.

In their ear dogs have 17 muscles to guide them in multiple directions, whereas people only have 9 and the vast majority uses only 1 or 2 muscles. Given their wide auditory spectrum, dogs can hear ultrasound that we humans do not detect .

3. Obey

Trained canine obedience can be gained through positive reinforcement , the former domination. But we make no effort to enter into this kind of trained obedience. We think it is more interesting to talk about the dog’s innate obedience , which transcends and goes beyond the training.

We can conclude that the dogs’ instinctive obedience is based more on the innate pack among the dogs than on the socialization or training, although without devaluing these trainings. This is clearly reflected among dogs that are mistreated by their owners and yet remain attached to them instead of fleeing, just as a human would.

Therefore, we can conclude that dogs obey better than humans (although it is not clear that this is an advantage for poor dogs).

4. Running

The speed at which a dog can run, even if it is not trained, is superior to that of a human , being this trained. Of course, if you boost with 4 legs and a center of gravity so low, it is more advantageous than doing it with 2 legs and a high center of gravity.

A dog can run for 3 or 4 minutes at 40 km / h, while an average person can run at approximately 20 km / h during a similar time.

Professional athletes can run 100 to 40 km / h, while a Greyhound reaches 60 km / h. Undoubtedly dogs run faster than people.

5. Swim

Swimming is an innate activity among some dogs , although there are many afraid of water. In infants the instinct to swim lasts only a few months, being lost in most cases over time. The truth is that all dogs have the instinct to move their paws to keep floating. There are dogs whose ability to swim is amazing. The most capable races for swimming are:

  • New land
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Spanish Water Dog
  • Portuguese Water dog
  • Nova Scotia Retriever

However, breeds like Boxer, Bulldog or Pug, are not good swimmers because water easily enters the muzzle. Gagos and Whippets are also not very good at swimming because their thin legs are made to jump and run.

All other canine breeds are better than most humans in the water.

6. Watch

Dogs can even watch while sleeping . For humans, this activity is much more difficult to sleep.

Precisely their powerful sense of smell is what allows the constant surveillance of dogs, even when they are sleeping. Something impossible for a human. Any strange smell immediately alerts the dogs, activating all other senses immediately.

7. Save

An activity inherent in surveillance is guarding . Puppies are usually courageous and leave immediately in defense of their family (of their pack), their home (territory) and the little ones. Even the smallest dogs face intruders with loud barks that alert anyone close to them.

8. Do not worry

Dogs live some bad times, just like humans or any living being on the planet. But fortunately for them, there are far fewer cases of depression than among humans. They know how to care for things better than we do.

The canine mind is freer than the human mind, since it is not as complex and does not get into as many problems as they often put the human minds of their owners. Dogs can not think of paying bills, investing their savings in anything, or playing sports. We know they can not do it, because we humans will not let them do it. These brilliant ideas are reserved only for us.

Consequently, the vast majority of dogs live (and mostly sleep) with far fewer worries than any adult human.

9. Reacting Instinctively

The instinctive reactions of dogs are quicker and more accurate in general than those that perform people in the face of an unforeseen difficulty.

This circumstance is related to the short but intense life experience of dogs. By living in a more uninhibited, free, intense, vertiginous and simple way than any human being, their reactions are faster and generally more accurate than those of the human being.

An example: rarely will someone who goes with bad intentions fool a dog. While with falsehood we humans are easily deceived.

10. Affection irreducible

Dogs get affection for life, even if it gives them reason to hate him. It’s like they’re fans of you .

It is known all over the world that the only thing unchanging for the human being is the fact that he is fond of a football team throughout his life. For the dogs, we are their favorite football team, loving us far beyond the reasonable throughout their existence.

We humans are able to divorce ourselves from the people we love the most in a moment of our lives.

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