11 things dogs can predict

They say that the dog is man’s best friend, for the company, for the affection and for the loyalty he gives to his owners in the most unconditional and disinterested way, turning the dog into the favorite pet of many people.

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As you certainly know, some of their senses are much more accurate than the human being, which allows them to be able to “detect” certain events before they happen, since they are more sensitive to signals that we ignore.

That’s why in Animal Expert we want to tell you about 11 things dogs can predict . Find out everything your furry friend can know just by relying on their senses. Keep reading!

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1. Climate change

If thunders scare you when you hear them, imagine what happens to your dog, whose thin ear detects them long before you. That’s why many dogs get nervous during the storms.

Also, when thunder is forming, they ionize the air, producing a metallic scent that your dog is able to detect, so he knows that a storm is approaching before it begins. Some investigations have revealed that they are even able to feel with their feet the vibration caused by lightning.

2. Earthquakes

If you have ever heard that dogs feel an earthquake or an earthquake many times before humans, we tell you that this is entirely true . Dogs are able to perceive catastrophes , just like many other animals.

Generally, there is behavior prior to the appearance of earthquakes or earthquakes in which animals become nervous and reluctant to be arrested. They leave the places where they live, stop laying eggs and hide. These days they try to escape into the highlands.

3. Pregnancy

When a woman becomes pregnant, her body not only transforms externally but also internally, beginning with the release of hormones. The dog is able to notice this hormonal change , so many dogs get more protective when their owner is pregnant.

4. The moment of childbirth

When the time comes for the baby to be born, the human body also emits odors and signs that at times may go unnoticed, but which indicate to the dog that the new member of the family is coming. There are even cases of animals that, days before the baby is born, refuse to separate from their owners , as a way to protect them.

5. Diseases

Thanks to its powerful nose, the dog is able to detect the changes that occur in the body when suffering from certain diseases, such as diabetes or cancer . There are testimonies of people diagnosed with cancer at a body site where the dog used to smell them, and trained dogs who tell their owners when to give them insulin. This is perhaps one of the things that dogs can predict the most importance we should give.

6. Epilepsy

Some breeds of dogs are trained to detect the time when an epileptic seizure will occur, so they can tell their owner to take their medications or ask for help from others.

7. Human emotions

You’ve probably noticed that most of the time, your dog is amused to watch you. Thanks to this, he is prepared to identify changes in emotion , so it is easier for him to know if he is sad, nauseous, very emotional or even worried. It is very likely that in these cases try the dog try to comfort his owner, or simply to remain by his side.

8. Fear

Another of the things dogs can predict is fear. That dogs ” smell the fear ” is no myth, it’s completely true. But how do they do it? They do this through their own body: when we feel fear, we secrete adrenaline , a hormone easily identified by canine scent.

9. Know when to leave

There is no need to say goodbye to him or leave the house for the dog to notice that he will leave him alone for a few hours. The routine you have to pack yourself and the attitude you have when you do indicate to the animal that you are going to leave.

10. Know when to return

Many miles before arriving home, the dog is able to realize that you are already on the way, this is because your nose is able to perceive your scent from great distances. So even before you arrive your dog will already be waiting for you.

11. Death

One of the most amazing things dogs can predict is death . As a normal process in the life of all living beings, before dying certain chemical and biological changes are produced in the body, which the dog can perceive perfectly. So it is not surprising that when a person is about to die, the dog does not leave his side and is very sad.

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