15 Things Dog Tutors Should not Forget

The bond between man and dog throughout the history of mankind shows that dogs are, without a doubt, man’s best friends. Generally, we think that we repay all the dedication and dedication that the dogs offer us. However, is this true or is there something we are not seeing?

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Keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide and discover 15 things that dog tutors should never forget . If you meet all the points on this list, know that you are an exemplary tutor!

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1. Offer all your affection to the dog

Delivering all your love will make the dog give you even more strength. In addition, if you strive to create a good bond, you’ll get better answers in dog training and confidence, as well as winning a lifelong friend .

2. Educate the dog so that he knows how to live

It is important to socialize the dog by teaching basic obedience commands and anything that is useful to promote good living with other people and other animals. So you can leave the dog at a friend’s house for a few days or ensure that it runs to you when you call his name. Check out this article to learn more about dog socialization .

3. Do not forget that he needs you

Walking, playing in the park or stuffing the dog with kisses may be unimportant things to you. However, for your dog each of these details is a world !

4. Have patience in teaching

Most dogs need between 15 and 30 reps to be able to associate a command. However, some may take more or less time. Do not worry, he’ll end up learning the command, he just needs time. Be patient!

5. Be worthy of his love.

It does not make any sense to beat or intimidate the dog so he follows his guidelines. If you are consistent, you will reinforce his good behavior and he will understand what you are trying to teach.

6. Help the dog overcome obstacles

Fear, aggressiveness, and hyperactivity are problems that can be worked out with a professional such as an ethologist or a canine educator. It is never too late to treat your dog’s behavior problems or any other difficulty that may arise.

7. Take care of your health

Consulting the veterinarian every 6 to 12 months, following the vaccination schedule, and doing internal and external parasitic diseases regularly are routines that help detect and prevent health problems . Do not ignore these measures!

8. Remember that he does nothing to bother you

We know that it is not pleasant to find the nibbled couch, poop in the doorway, hair on the cushion or trash all over the house, but you must know that it is never his intention to bother the tutor. Puppies, stressed-out puppies or old puppies can do these tricks once in a while, but you must be a patient friend .

9. Learn things about it

Who says we can not communicate with dogs? Learning the dog language helps you know what your best friend is trying to express in each moment. If he is licking, yawning or jerking his head, for example, it can be interpreted as “come” or “leave me alone.” Learn more in the article Dog language and the signs of calm – complete guide .

10. Be concerned when he shows up differently

If your dog does not run to you when you shake a plastic bag, accidentally touch his collar or trip over his favorite toy, something is not right. Watch the dog for some time because it may be bad or afraid of something.

11. Let the dog be himself

One of the 5 freedoms of animal welfare says that the dog should be free to express itself. Do you let him relate to other dogs when you want? Do you force the dog to play with children when he does not want to? Let your dog express himself as he wishes to discover his true personality !

12. Physical and mental stimulation

To exercise the dog and make it tired, you do not need a ball time in the park. It is much more beneficial to give a quality ride , as long as possible, that allows the dog to use the smell and that it is loose for 5 minutes without leash. At the same time, you will be stimulating his brain with intelligence exercises so that he learns and gains confidence in himself.

13. Share your life with him

There are a thousand and one ways to enjoy the company of your dog. Why do not you take the dog with you on your vacation or play with your friends in the park? Live every day with the dog intensely and be sure to accumulate memories, photographs and good moments.

14. Look for a comfortable place

Any dog ​​should be able to enjoy a comfortable place to sleep, a roof under which he can shelter and warmth in the winter, especially if he is a puppy , old or sick . Some dogs, such as the greyhound or boxer, may even develop calluses when they spend too much time in hard places.

15. Follow the dog in the worst moments

Your dog needs you, especially when something is not right . Demonstrate that suffering from an illness or condition is not an obstacle, such as getting older or having any of the senses affected. He will feel loved!

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