8 Things Cats Do When They’re Alone!

Have you ever wondered what your cat does when you’re not at home? Depending on his personality, the cat may have certain preferences: some cats choose to sleep, eat and rest. Others take advantage of doing things they would not do in the presence of the tutor …

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Would you like to know what your cat does when no one watches you? Did you find something broken when you got home after work? This YourCatCareguide article will explain to you what cats do when they are alone . Keep reading and find out!

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1. Make sure you are not

After you leave, cats tend to take a walk around to make sure that you are no longer home . They also love to patrol and sniff everything they can get for new things. Cats are extremely curious animals!

2. Do the daily stretches

Cats stretch several times a day . It is not surprising that when they are alone they take advantage of to do the yoga postures more particular …

Do you know why they do it? Felines can go to sleep for up to 16 hours a day and this causes numbness of muscles, which forces them to stretch out. This act causes a very pleasant sensation for them and furthermore stimulates the blood circulation.

3. Eat

The tranquility that offers the silence in the house, allows the cat to eat without any type of stress . To improve environmental enrichment and promote the cat’s sense of well-being, you can offer a small portion of damp food or pate before leaving home. This appetizer helps the cat to become distracted, in addition to being a good moisturizer.

4. Look out the window or go for a walk

Do you let your cat leave home freely? Or on the contrary do you keep him from wandering around? Some tutors prefer that their cats leave home but others, because of the dangers they present, prefer to deprive cats of their freedom.

In any case, cats are very curious animals which makes them travel almost 3 miles a day and spend a lot of time trying to hunt some bird that approaches the window.

5. Sleep

We’ve already told you how many hours a cat sleeps a day : about 16 hours! Older cats can sleep up to 18 hours and puppies about 20 hours. This period allows them to stimulate the growth of the small ones, to improve their well-being and even helps the brain to prepare to learn new things.

They play tricks

Not all cats behave badly. Most cats are fairly quiet. But some of them take advantage when no one is watching to do forbidden things. Stealing food, climbing to higher ground and throwing objects on the ground are often the most common antics. Still, these pussies are adorable are not they?

7. Get bored

After spending several hours alone, cats can get bored . You should remember that although they are very independent animals, cats are sociable animals that need to relate to be happy.

If your cat spends many hours alone, it would be a good idea to adopt a second feline, although you can also bet on various toys that stimulate their physical activity and brain during the hours of most solitude. Try making some recyclable toys for yourself, such as cardboard toys .

8. They receive you

Some cats moan without stopping when we get home to welcome us. Others rub themselves in us to impregnate us with their scent, and others do not even come to receive us.

We might think that this behavior depends on the good relationship that exists between the cat and the tutor, but the fact is that each cat behaves differently. They are not like the dogs that come running to greet us. Cats are very peculiar and have different ways of showing that they love us !

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