Therapies with dogs for autistic children

The dog as a therapy for autistic children is an excellent choice if you are thinking of including in your life an element that will help you in your social relations.

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As with equine therapy, children discover in the dog a trustworthy animal with whom they have simple social relationships that allow them to be comfortable in their social interaction. In addition, it is important to remember that all therapies in which children with autism are treated should always be supervised by a professional.

In this article of YourCatCareguide we will tell you more about the therapies with dogs for children with autism and how the dog can help an autistic child.

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Why is puppy therapy indicated for autistic children?

Having a child with autism is a situation that many parents live in, so finding therapies that help you and improving your disorder is critical.

Autistic children understand social relationships differently from other people. Although autistic children can not be “cured”, we can see an improvement if we work with them properly.

To do this article we speak with Elizabeth Reviriego, a psychologist who works regularly with autistic children and who recommends therapies that include dogs. According to Elizabeth, autistic children have difficulty relating and little cognitive flexibility, which means that they do not react in the same way to an event. In animals they find a simpler and more positive figure that helps them work on self-esteem, social anxiety and autonomy . These factors of secondary symptomatology work in therapy with puppies.

How the Dog Helps the Autistic Child

Dog therapies do not directly help improve the social difficulties the child suffers, but can improve their quality of life and their perception of the environment. Puppies are animals that are widely used in therapies with both children and the elderly .

Not all puppies are suitable for working with autistic children, it is essential to select docile and quiet specimens and to make therapy always under the supervision of a professional. It is for this reason that these particular dogs can help, establish a calm, positive and appropriate relationship for your disorder.

The difficulty that the autistic children spend in relationships diminishes when dealing with a dog, since they do not show social unforeseen that the patient himself can not understand, they dominate the situation.

Some extra benefits may be decreased anxiety, positive physical contact, learn about responsibility and also practice self-esteem.

We share these images of Clive and Murray, an autistic boy who was known to enhance his confidence with this therapy dog. Thanks to him, Murray has overcome his fear of crowds and now he can go anywhere.

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