World’s Smallest Cat Breeds

In this article of YourCatCareguide we will introduce you to the 5 smallest breeds of cats in the world . Let us explain to you what the origin of each one of them, the physical characteristics more remarkable that next to the small stature, makes them small adorable creatures.

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If you live a small apartment, you can take into account the size of the cat, seeking to adopt breeds of small cats . In this article we will tell you about some breeds of small cats to apartment. Keep reading!

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5. Devon rex

With an average of 2-4 kilos in weight, we have decon rex, one of the smallest cats in the world.

Devon Rex Odyssey

The origin of this feline goes back to 1960, when the first specimen was born in the Kingdom. The personality of this cat makes this a very affectionate, alert and affectionate animal. Due to the characteristics of the coat of this breed, it is also considered a hypoallergenic cat.

Physical characteristics

The selection and breeding of this breed for many years has made the devon rex present a short, dense and apparently curly coat. The oval, shiny eyes give this cat a penetrating look, which, together with its elegant body and sweet expression, make it one of the most tender and adorable felines. For this breed, all colors are accepted.

4. Skookum

With an average weight of 1-4 kilos , the skookum cat is characterized by being one of the smallest in the world. As a rule, males are larger, weighing about 3-5 pounds, while females weigh between 1 and 3 pounds.

Origin of skookum

Oskookum is a breed of cat native to the United States , very small and characterized by the charming curly and very short legs. These characteristics make the look of this cat absolutely adorable and, in a way, look like the Basset Hound dog .

This breed came from the cross between the munchkin cat and LaPerm. Several associations recognize this breed as “experimental.” In this way, skookum can participate in exhibitions but not in competitions.

Physical characteristics

The skookum is a very muscular cat with a medium bone structure. As we have already mentioned, the legs are very short and the coat more curly, these being the most distinct characteristics of the breed. It is a cat so small that even in adulthood it seems to remain a cub.

3. Munchkin

The munchkin cat has an average weight of 4-5 kilos in males and 2-3 kilos in females, being another of the smallest cats in the world, as well as adorable. This is also one of the most recent feline breeds, and was only discovered in the 1980s.

Origin of munchkin

Originally from the United States , munchkin is the teckel of cats: short and wide. His name originates in the movie “The Wizard of Oz,” in which the heroine meets a small village occupied by the so-called “munchkins.”

The small stature of this cat comes from a natural genetic mutation fruit of the crossing between different races. It was only after 1983 that they began documenting it. Often, this cat is called a “miniature”, an incorrect term, because his body is the same as the average cat, with the peculiarity of having shorter legs.

Physical characteristics

As we have already mentioned, males tend to be slightly larger than females. The short legsare the most distinguishing feature, the eyes of these cats often have a way to clear nut and a bright color, which gives them a sharp and flashy look. On the other hand, the coat is usually short or medium and all color patterns are accepted for this breed with the exception of amber.

Undoubtedly, the munchkin, besides being one of the smallest cats in the world, is a ternurenta and peculiar-looking feline. This cat’s character is quite active, playful, curious. Thus, it has the ideal personality for both children and adults.

2. Korat

The weight of the korat cat varies between 2 and 4 kilos , so it is also part of the list of breeds of smaller cats in the world.

Origin of Korat

Originally from Thailand, this cat is characterized by having a blue color and green eyes. According to some beliefs, this is one of Tamra Meow’s lucky cats, a collection of poems depicting 17 different feline breeds.

Although it may seem unbelievable, korat is a cat that arose naturally, so that the human did not interfere in the breeding and development of this breed as it did with others. It was first exported from Thailand in the 1960s to the United States.

Physical characteristics

We can say that the cat korat presents the head in the form of heart, with big eyes in the form of almond, of intense green color. A curious fact is that both the blue color of this cat’s eyes and the blue coat can take about two years to be fully defined.

The life expectancy of this feline is another of the more particular data of this breed, being estimated that they live about 30 years. So, apart from being one of the smallest cats in the world, they are the ones who live the longest!

1. Singapore, the smallest cat in the world

This is undoubtedly the smallest cat in the world ! Being that the weight of it varies between 1 and 3 pounds ! It’s really tiny!

Origin of Singapore

As might be expected, the Singaporean cat is native to Singapore , as his name indicates. Despite this, the actual origins of this cat are still discussed and unknown. There are different theories in this regard. On the one hand, it is considered that this breed was created and developed in Singapore and, on the other hand, it is said that this was not the birthplace of the breed. It’s still a mystery to unveil …

Physical characteristics

The Singaporean cat is considered the smallest in the world for a very clear reason: an adult female weighs on average 1.8 kg and a male 2.7 kg. The head of this feline is round, the ears are large at the base, slightly sharp and deep. The coat of this feline has different shades of brown, some lighter and others darker. So that only one color pattern is accepted, the sepia brown .

With this ivory tone, sweet face and small size, it is for many the most beautiful cat in the world. For us, all cats are beautiful and each mutt has characteristics that make it unique and beautiful. And you, what do you think?

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