The Super Cat that saved a newborn in Russia!

Cats are definitely fantastic animals. With every passing day we have more proof of this. In 2015, in Russia, something surprising happened: a cat saved a baby, being considered a hero!

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If you do not know this story or if you already know it but would like to remember, keep reading this article from the Animal Expert about the cat that saved a newborn in Russia .

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Abandoned baby on the street

According to the media, a baby about 3 months old was abandoned near the garbage in Obninsk, Russia. The baby will have been left inside a cardboard box , which was used as a shelter for a street cat , Masha.

The town of Obninsk has very low temperatures and it was the heat produced by Masha that allowed the newborn baby not to die of cold. The cat slept next to the little newborn and the temperature of her body that allowed to warm the baby while this one was in the street.

The high meows Masha caught the attention of one inhabitant of this neighborhood, Irina Lavrova who ran toward the cat fearing that this was hurt. When she got close to Masha, she realized that the moaning of her moans was not so much the pain she felt as a warning to get her attention!

According to Irina Lavrova, Masha has always been very friendly and would always greet her. On that day, the cat did not greet her as usual and meow very loud, which quickly made Irina realize that something wrong was happening. Lavrova believes that it was the maternal instinct of that cat that made her protect and save that baby.

Masha was lying next to the baby that was dressed and had beside her some diapers and baby food on her side, which suggests that abandonment was intentional.

Masha – the hero cat of Russia

Masha lives in the street and usually sleeps in the cardboard box where the baby was found. Everyone knows how much cats love cardboard boxes . Due to the material they are made of, the boxes allow the animal not only to take refuge as it warms , a detail that has allowed this story to end happily.

Little is known about Masha, this Russian kitten that should not be forgotten! What is certain is that if it were not for Masha, most likely the end of this story would not be the same. The boy, who was taken to the hospital at once, was healthy and without any consequences, according to the doctors. The low temperatures, which would easily be fatal to a human being with few defenses, did not affect the child at all since the kitten never left her close during the hours the baby was on the street.

Cats and Children

This amazing story comes once again to demonstrate just how special the domestic cats are. Cats are very calm and intelligent animals . Many tutors describe the excellent relationship their cats have with children, including babies.

Generally, it is the dogs that have the reputation of protectors with the children but in reality many cats also have this behavior. In addition, cats can bring many benefits in a child’s life . For that same reason, it is increasingly people who choose to have a pet cat.

The protective characteristics of felines, the constant fun, unconditional love and independence of them, are some of the many benefits of having a cat as a pet.

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