The story of Hachiko, the faithful dog

Hachiko was a dog known for his infinite fidelity and love to his owner. His owner was a university professor and the dog was waiting for him at the train station every day until he returned, even after his death.

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This display of affection and loyalty has made Hachiko’s story world-famous, and even made a movie telling its story.

This is a perfect example of the love that a dog can feel for its owner and that will make even the toughest person shed a tear. If you still do not know the story of Hachiko, the faithful dog picks up a packet of tissues and continues reading this article by the Animal Expert.


Life with the teacher

Hachiko was Akita Inu who was born in 1923 in Akita prefecture. A year later it became a gift for the daughter of an agronomic engineering professor at the University of Tokyo. When the teacher, Eisaburo Ueno, saw him for the first time realized that his legs were slightly twisted, they looked like the kanji that represents the number 8 (八, that in Japanese is pronounced hachi), and thus it was decided its name, Hachiko.

When Ueno’s daughter grew up, she married and went to live with her husband leaving the dog behind. The teacher had then created a strong bond with Hachiko and so decided to stay with him instead of offering it to someone.

Ueno went to work by train every day and Hachiko became his faithful companion. Every morning he would accompany him to Shibuya station and receive him again when he returned.

The teacher’s death

One day, while teaching at the university, Ueno suffered a cardiac arrest that ended his life, however, Hachiko kept waiting for him in Shibuya.

Day after day Hachiko went to the station and waited for hours for his owner, looking for his face among the thousands of strangers who passed by. Days became months and months into years. Hachiko waited relentlessly for its owner for nine long years , whether it rained, snowed or sunbathed.

The inhabitants of Shibuya knew Hachiko and they were in charge during all this time to feed and to take care of him while the dog waited in the door of the station. This loyalty for his owner earned him the nickname “the faithful dog”, and the film in his honor has the title of ” Always by his side “.

All this affection and admiration for Hachiko made in 1934 a statue was erected in his honor, in front of the station, where the dog waited for its owner daily.

The death of Hachiko

On March 9, 1935, they found Hachiko dead at the foot of the statue. He died because of his age precisely in the same place where he had expected his owner to return for nine years. The remains of the faithful dog were buried next to their owners in the Aoyama cemetery in Tokyo.

During World War II all the bronze statues were fused to manufacture armament, including the one of Hachiko. However, a few years later, society was created to be able to realize a new statue and put it back in the same place. Finally, Takeshi ando, the son of the original sculptor, was hired so that he could redo the statue.

Nowadays the statue of Hachiko continues in the same place, in front of the station of Shibuya and the 8 of April of each year is celebrated its fidelity.

After all these years the story of Hachiko, the faithful dog, is still alive due to the show of love, loyalty and unconditional affection that has touched the heart of an entire population.

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