The 5 most intelligent animals in the world

Since the Earth was created, humans, being the “most developed” species, have seen and regarded animals as creatures much less intelligent and evolved than we, to the point of using them as tools of labor, food or entertainment.

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However, countless scientific and humanitarian studies confirm that many animal species have developed impressive abilities, including some more incredible than human capacities, for example: speech, interpersonal connections, communications and even reasoning.

We constantly devalue animal intelligence, so in YourCatCareguide, we did an investigation into the 5 most intelligent animals in the world to show you how evolved they can become and how misleading we are about them. If you are curious to know which are the 5 most intelligent animals in the world , continue reading that surely you will be surprised!

The pig

The little pigs have a very bad reputation for intelligence. However, the exact opposite is true. They are the most intelligent domestic animals in the world . Our pink friends are more like human beings than we want to recognize. They are cognitively complex, capable of socializing, learning and deceiving in a natural way.

Report showed that pigs know what a mirror is and how it works, using it as a tool to get food and distract the companions. They also love video games and are very protective of children. More and more people are compared to dogs and cats, and many people favor the option of having a little pig as a pet (they are very clean). It is better that we call the pigs a pretty name and nothing of “bacon or ham.”

The elephant

Elephants are animals that by their appearance appear to be slow, dizzy and not very agile, but this is not what happens. Once I had the opportunity to be in the presence of a herd of elephants (in their natural habitat) and I was astounded at their speed and organization. These animals are able to run and walk at the same time. The front legs walk while the back legs run. Humans can not do this with their feet.

Elephants are creatures with very high emotional and sensory development . They have very strong family relationships in which they identify with each other without confusing the roles of each member of the family: oais, uncles and nephews. Each has its place.

The crow

Ravens are these mysterious birds that often inspire fear and intrigue. There is a Spanish proverb that says “Raise crows and eat your eyes.” This phrase, although a little strong, is true to a certain extent.

Like a man, the raven when it is considered sufficiently mature, separates from its parents, leaves the nest and throws itself in the flight alone. However, he does not become totally independent, he forms groups of crows his age, coexisting, experimenting and growing until he finds a partner with whom he will form his own family.

Crows strange as it may seem, seek their half for life. They are very intelligent and know what they want.

The cow

He walks through a pasture, sees a relaxed kitty sunbathing and thinks that the only thing he does in life is binders, that he only thinks about chewing, eating grass and giving walks.

For we are far removed from reality. Cows, as far as the psycho-emotional level are concerned, are very similar to humans. Our peaceful friends are affected by feelings like fear, pain and allergy .

They also care about the future, have friends, enemies and are extremely curious. no doubt the cows feel as much as we do.

The octopus

And how can we not have a representative of the marine world on our list of the world’s most intelligent animals? In this case, we did not choose the popular dolphin, but the octopus. We want to make you know your intelligence.

These molluscs, since they are born are very solitary . Evolutively their learning and survival skills are well developed. The octopuses face life from an early age, having to learn, practically everything. They are also very sensory, with their tentacles as well as touching and savoring, getting all sorts of information about what they are exploring.

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