The 10 slowest animals in the world

There are animals for all tastes. There are the fast, the agile and active, but on the other hand, there are the slow, calm and lazy animals. All animals are special, each with its own characteristics, hence the great animal diversity that exists on our planet Earth.

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Being slow also has its benefits. Animals that take their lives with total calm are usually the ones that look most adorable and lovable, as if we wanted to have them as a teddy bear to hug and give them a lot of love. But beware, this in some cases may just be appearance.

Get to know next in this article of YourCatCareguide, the 10 slowest animals in the world . My favorite is the koala, which one is yours?


Laziness is the slowest animal in the world , so much so that it gives you laziness just to see it. His name has been used in several sentences when we want to refer to extreme slowness and even boredom. Your vision is myopic and you have a poorly developed ear and smell. Its name in English is “sloth”, synonymous of movement in slow motion or “slow motion”. Its average speed is 0.020 km / h . It is a species that is very threatened.

Silly turtle

The turtle is the world symbol of slowness, although some of the sea turtles are not as slow as urban legend says. Turtles are marine animals with a long life expectancy, and can live up to 150 years . Its average speed is 0.040 km / h . It is the slowest reptile in the world.


These nocturnal animals like to take refuge for a long time in the trees of Australia and are considered specialized climbers . They have a very padded tail that allows them to sit on it to enjoy the landscapes at the top and then move at a top speed of 20 km / h. One curious fact is that koalas are not bears; they come in the category of marsupial mammals as a species, but their appearance labels them as bears.


Manatees are popularly known as sea ​​cows . They are very lovely and look like they do not swim, they just float with total tranquility. They are animals whose maximum speed is 5 km / h . They tend to be very kind and like to remain in the shade in the shallow waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Indian Ocean.

Manatees are eating, gaining weight and resting all day. They do not currently have predators, which makes them even slower, as they do not have to run away from anyone. They exercise very little.


Sea horses are slow because of their complex body structure that does not allow them to move too much or reach high speeds, let’s say it is a motor deficiency, which only allows them to swim vertically.

The sea horses are made to stay in the same place all their life, they are very homemade. This fish only reaches 0.09 km / h . There are more than 50 species of sea horses, all equally slow. Her beauty does not lie in her movements.


The starfish is one of the slowest animals in the world, reaching speeds of 0.09 km / h . There are also more than 2000 types of starfish, being very different from each other. The stars of the sea can be seen in practically all the oceans of the Earth. They are not made to travel long distances, and because they are very slow, they are carried away by the ocean currents.

Garden snail

This terrestrial spiral shell mollusk is extremely slow. If you see it in a garden, it is possible that the next day it is practically in the same place. They live in Mediterranean wetlands, like to hibernate for years and move by making small muscle contractions that reach up to 0.050 km / h . Although they live in the garden they do not like much sunlight and prefer to enjoy a good shade.


The loris is a strange but lovely kind of nocturnal primate, native to the jungles of Sri Lanka. Their hands are very similar to those of humans and perform very smooth but graceful contortionist movements. Among the animals on this list, the loris is one of the “fastest” that can reach up to a speed of 2 km / h .

It is very curious, small and light, its size is between 20 to 26 cm and can weigh up to a maximum of 350 g. The lorris is a primate species that is in serious danger of extinction due to the serious destruction of its habitat and the tendency of this adorable primate like “pet”.

American woodcock

The American woodcock is the slowest bird in the world that lives in the forests of North America. It has an inflated body with short legs and a long, sharp beak. She is the winner when it comes to slow flights, between 5 km / h and 8 km / h , so she loves being on the ground. He likes to migrate at night and flies very low.


Like the starfish, the coral, is another that does not look animal, but it is. It does not make us want to embrace it, but it is admirable for its unparalleled beauty. Corals are the sea-bottom decoration and many divers go to the depths of the sea to observe the corals. They are the winners as regards slowness, because in fact they are marine animals that remain immobilebut at the same time are full of life.

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