Is the Rottweiler dangerous?

Currently, due to laws such as that of potentially dangerous dogs , many people prefer not to adopt Pitt Bull, Doberman, Rottweiler, and other dogs.

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History has harshly marked these breeds, however, we must ask ourselves if indeed the Rottweiler is dangerous , whether it is for children, or better yet if it is the education received during his lifetime.

In this article by YourCatCareguide we will explain some things about the Rottweilerç dog: its history, the characteristics that accompany it and a great attribute: its loyalty.

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History of the Rottweiler

It is in Roman times when we have records of the predecessors of the Rottweiler, a protection dog that also used to be used to drive the cattle.

When arriving in Germany, the Romans crossed us with dogs native of the region and that is when the “butcher dog of Rottweil” was born. This is because these dogs have become popular for helping butchers control the most aggressive bulls and cows. In the same way their parents did, the Rottweilers also began to guard and protect homes.

More ahead, the Rotweiler began to stand out by diverse functions within the society being police dog, dog of rescue and finally of company, the best place for him.

Unfortunately until nowadays we have registered people who profit from the attributes of strength that the Rottweiler has: fights, sparring or simply maltreatment has been the causes of dog with behavioral problems.

Rottweiler Education

All puppies, regardless of size or breed, should receive the first part of their education: the socialization of the dog .

It is a process in which we teach the dog to relate to the outside world including other dogs and cats, people, objects and a long list of possibilities. By making you aware of various sounds and stimuli, we avoid that in the future our pet will acquire fears of some kind.

Of course if we do not give this part of education we risk that, out of fear, our dog may become aggressive in the face of a particular situation.

If the lack of socialization adds violence to maltreatment, the result is clear: our dog will suffer serious behavior problems and evidently increase the chances of having a serious accident.

On the contrary, if we fulfill the five freedoms of animal welfare and strive to educate our best friend responsibly and positively, we will have a sociable, affectionate, and stable dog .

The Features of a Rottweiler

Although the Rottweiler is a smart, brave and obedient dog, it is also a dog of great physical strength. It is basically for this reason that the Rottweiler is considered as one of the potentially dangerous dogs in most countries.

His bite and muscular body make him a dog capable of killing, like any other animal of its characteristics. It is for this reason that the YourCatCareguide is totally against this regulation, since it foments the discrimination of races and the non-adoption.

Is or is not it a dangerous dog?

Any professional will give you the same answer as we do: Rotweiler is not a dangerous dog, the danger is the education we give the animal .

Consider the following advice before adopting a Rottweiler:

  • Socialize your puppy since he is a puppy
  • Must spend time with your pet, a lonely dog ​​will be unhappy
  • Always use positive reinforcement to educate, choking collars or violence are totally inadvisable and inappropriate
  • Stroll with your dog two to three times a day
  • During the walk should allow some freedom, especially if your dog is stressed. It can help relieve your stress by allowing you to smell and explore in a calm
  • Practice exercise with your puppy if you believe he needs to
  • Teach him basic training orders that are useful for his safety: sit, quiete or come are some of the examples that your dog should learn
  • Meet your needs at all times and go to the vet if you need

If you follow all these advice the Rottweiler you adopt will not be an aggressive dog in any case. Covering every aspect of your day-to-day life will impact the animal’s well-being and you may have the best friend in the world at your side.

What should I do if my Rottweiler turns aggressive?

If you consider that your Rottweiler is changing your character becoming aggressive or has problems to educate you should contact with canine professionals, find out more in YourCatCareguide what an ethologist does and how he can help you in that case.

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