The 7 most rare marine animals in the world

The sea, infinite and enigmatic, is full of mysteries and most of them have not yet been discovered. In the depths of the ocean, there is not only darkness and old ships sunk, there is also life.

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There are hundreds of creatures that live underneath the surface, some spectacular and colorful, another nevertheless, are endowed with strange characteristics and very peculiar forms.

These animals are so interesting that in the Animal Expert we want to talk about them. Continue reading this article and find out which are the rarest marine animals in the world .

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1. The black swallower

This fish is also known as the ” big-swallower “, because it has an extraordinary ability to swallow its prey completely. Your stomach stretches long enough for them to fit. It lives in deep water and can swallow any creature, as long as it measures up to twice its size and ten times its mass. Do not be fooled by its size, because although it is small, this is considered one of the most fearsome fish in the ocean.

2. Cymothoa exigua

Cymothoa exigua , also known as “tongue eater fish” is a very strange animal that loves to live inside the mouth of another fish. It is a parasitic louse that works hard to atrophy, disintegrate and completely destroy the language of its host. Yes, this is a creature really worthy of investigation, that instead of arthropod, always wanted to be a language.

3. Northern Stargazer

The Stargazer looks like a sand sculpture on the beach. This creature buries itself in the sand while waiting patiently for the moment to ambush its prey . They love small fish, crabs and crustaceans. The Northern Stargazer has an organ in the head that can release an electrical charge that disorients and confuses their prey and furthermore helps them to defend themselves from predators.

4. Shark carpet

Undoubtedly, it is one of the rarest sharks in the world. Physically he is not as fearful as his brothers. However, we should not devalue his flat body, since this species of shark is equally a predator and good hunter like his other relatives. It must be recognized that their ability to mimic the environment is a great advantage to them and an excellent strategy.

5. Snake shark

Speaking of sharks, we have the snake shark, also known as a shark-eel, totally different from the shark-plume but equally unique and rare. It is no wonder that this extremely ancientspecimen inhabits the depths of the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. Although it is a shark, the way to eat its prey is the same as that of some snakes: they bend their body and throw themselves forward while they swallow their whole victim.

6. Bubble Fish

The form of the Psychrolutes marcidus is really strange and different from the other fish in the ocean. This is because it inhabits deep waters outside Australia and New Zealand at depths of more than 1,200 meters, where the pressure is several tens of times larger than the surface and as a result makes your body a gelatinous mass. It is fascinating to see how the conditions of each environment condition the creatures that live in it.

7. Powder-dumbo

Octopus-dumbo is named after the famous animated elephant. Although not terrifying like its other companions on the list, it is one of the rarest marine animals in the world. It is a small animal that measures up to 20 cm and belongs to a subgenus of dust that likes life in the dark, floating between 3,000 and 5,000 m deep . They have been seen in places like the Philippines, Papua, New Zealand and Australia.

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