The 10 most rare cats in the world

Cats are incredible animals that give us warmth and joy and make us laugh. There are about 100 officially recognized races today, but we certainly do not know half of the races that exist unless you’re an expert on the subject.

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In this article of Animal Expert, we will not show all the breeds of cat that exist, but rather something better, the 10 rarest cats in the world ! Those who by their physical characteristics stand out from the rest of the races and are particularly special.

If you want to adopt a cat with an unusual appearance, then you can discover the 10 strangest cats in the world.

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One of the rarest cats in the world is the LaPerm, a breed originally from Oregon, United States, named for its characteristic curly and long (as if it had made a permanent). The first LaPerm cat was born female and hairless, but after a few months developed a silky and curly hair due to a mutation produced by a dominant gene. The curious thing is that since then, almost all males of this breed are born without hair and many others lose their hair and change several times throughout their life.

These felines have a sociable character, calm and very affectionate towards humans, and are balanced and very curious .


Another of the strangest cats in the world and best known internationally is the Egyptian catthat is characterized by not having hair, although this statement is not at all correct, since they actually have a very thin and short coat , almost imperceptible by the eye or human touch. In addition to the lack of coat, the Shpynx breed is characterized by its robust body and large eyes that still stand out most in its bald head.

These felines appear by a natural mutation and have an affectionate temperament, peaceful and dependent on their owners, but also are sociable, intelligent and curious.

Exotic shorthair

The Exotic Shorthair or exotic short haired cat is another of the rarest cats in the world that came from the cross between a british shorthair and an american shorthair. This breed has the complexion of a Persian cat but with short hair, being robust, compact and of rounded body. Due to their large eyes, short, flat nose, and small ears, the exotic cat has a tender, sweet facial expression , and may even appear to be sad in some situations. Your hair is short and dense, but it still requires very little care and does not fall over much, so it is very suitable for allergic people.

This breed of cats has a quiet, affectionate, loyal and friendly personality, similar to Persian cats, but these are still more active, playful and curious.

Gato Elf

Following with the strangest cats in the world, we find the elf cat that is characterized by not having hair and for being very intelligent. These cats have this name because they are similar to this mythical creature and have emerged from the recent cross between the sphynx cat and an American curl.

As they have no hair, these cats need to take baths more often than the other breeds and also can not catch too much sun. In addition, they have a very sociable character and are very uprooted.

Scottish fold

The Scottish Fold is another of the rarest cats in the world that comes, as its name suggests, from Scotland. The breed was officially recognized in 1974 but mating among members of this breed is prohibited due to a large number of serious bone abnormalities that have occurred. The Scottish fold cat is medium-sized and has a rounded head, large round eyes, and very small ears bent forward, reminiscent of an owl. Other notable features are round feet and their thick tail.

This breed of felines has short hair but does not have a specific color. Their temperament is strong and in addition has a great hunter instinct , however, they are very friendly and adapt easily to new environments.

Ukrainian Levkoy

Another of the rarest cats in the world is the Ukrainian Levkoy, a feline of elegant and medium-sized appearance. Its main characteristics are the absence of hair or very small quantity , its ears folded, its big and almond eyes of brilliant colors, its long and flat head and its angular profile.

These breed of cats have a caring, sociable and intelligent temperament. It emerged not long ago, in 2004, thanks to the cross of a female of sphynx and a male of fallen ears made by Elena Biriukova in Ukraine. For that reason they are only in that country and in Russia.

Cat of the Cerrado or Savannahs

The Savannah cat is another of the world’s rarest and also one of the exotic cats . This hybrid, genetically manipulated breed originated from the cross between a domestic cat and an African serval, and has a very exotic, leopard-like appearance . His body is large and muscular, with large ears and long legs, and his fur has spots and black stripes like those of big cats. It is the largest breed that exists but still, its size can vary greatly from one nest to another.

There is some controversy about the possible domestication of Savannah cats because they need a lot of room to exercise and can jump up to 2 meters in height . However, it has a character loyal to its owners and is not afraid of water. Countries such as Australia have already banned these cats because they had a very negative effect on native wildlife. In addition, there are a number of NGOs fighting against the breeding of these animals because many of these cats when they reach adulthood become aggressive and the rate of abandonment is very high.


The peterbald is a medium-sized breed native to Russia that was born in 1974. These cats came from a cross between a donskoy and a short-haired oriental cat, and are characterized by the absence of fur. They have long bat ears, long, oval legs and a wedge-shaped muzzle. They have a slim and elegant complexion, and although they may be confused with Egyptian cats, the peterbald do not have the belly like the others.

Peterbald cats have a peaceful temperament and are curious, intelligent, active and very friendly, but they are also dependent and they ask for much affection to their owners.


Another of the rarest cats in the world is the munchkin, which due to a natural genetic mutation, is a medium-sized cat with shorter legs than normal , like a sausage . It is considered one of the smallest cats in the world . Despite this, it has no problems jumping and running like the rest of the races, and also do not usually develop many spinal problems that are associated with this type of body structure.

Although the hind legs are larger than the front, the munchkin are agile, active, playful and affectionate cats, and may weigh between 3 and 3 kilograms.

Cornish Rex

And finally the cornish rex, a breed that came about through a spontaneous genetic mutation that originated its wavy, short, dense and silky in the loin . This mutation happened in the 50’s in the southwest of England, that’s why it’s called the Cornish Rex Cat.

These medium-sized cats possess a muscular body and thin, thin bones, but their fur can be any color and do not need much care. Cornish rex are very intelligent, sociable, affectionate, independent and playful, and love the contact with children .

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