The rarest animals in the world

Nature is wonderful and will never cease to amaze us with newly discovered animals with unusual characteristics or behaviors.

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They can be birds, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, insects or the huge amount of fauna that inhabits the seas and oceans. Thus, the list that we show you today in this article of Animal Expert, is doomed to be ephemeral because new species are constantly discovered, which are introduced by right in the list of rarer animals in the world.

Another sad fact is that because they are threatened, some animals, due to their scarce number, become the rarest animals in the world. Discover in this list the names of the rarest animals in the world .

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Rare mammals

Currently among the mammals the species considered more rare are:

Elephant Shrew

There are now 16 species of shrew-elephant. Besides having a trunk, these shrews are the largest on the planet (there are up to 700 g of weight). They can only be found in Africa.


This rare endemic rhinoceros from Sumatra has been chased by its valuable horns for several years.

Monkey-nosed Myanmar

It is considered that there are only 100 live specimens of this rare Asian monkey. Your looks do not leave anyone indifferent …

Aye-Aye or Aie-aie

This primate relative of the lemurs and endemic of Madagascar is very rare. His haunting hands and nails seem to come from science fiction.

Rare vertebrate marine animals

The world’s marine waters are a constant source of new species that are discovered each passing day and others that become extinct. Some of these newly discovered species are:

Witch fish (myxini)

This disturbing blind fish glues its prey, pierces them by introducing itself in them and later begins to spawn from its interior.

Sea cow

It is smaller dolphin than there is. It is estimated that only 60 live specimens remain.

Pink hand-blown fish

Only 4 specimens of this strange 10 cm fish were found near Tasmania.

Rare birds

In the world of birds there are also new discoveries and species on the verge of extinction. Some representative species are as follows:

Stork-toed shoe

This strange and great bird lives on the African continent.


This variety of Ibis is very threatened and there are only 200 copies in the world.

Colibri Emerald

This beautiful bird is in critical danger of extinction. Catching these birds and deforestation are their main problems in surviving.

Rare invertebrate marine animals

The invertebrate marine fauna is filled with strange animal species.

Yeti Crab

In the depths of Easter Island, this eyeless crab that lives surrounded by hydrothermal vents at a depth of 2200 meters has recently been discovered.

Purple Octopus

This new species of octopus was discovered in 2010 in an expedition to investigate the Atlantic depths of the Canadian coast.

See me-lula

At a depth of about 3000 meters, in the Sea of ​​Celebes was discovered this rare animal species hitherto unknown by science. It is really very strange and rare.

Rare Freshwater Animals

The waters of rivers, lakes and swamps also harbor an endless number of rare species. See the following list:

Rã Sevosa

This beautiful Batrachian of Mississippi is in critical danger of extinction.

Tyrannobdella rex

In Amazonian Peru this great species of leech was discovered during the year 2010.

Animals close to extinction

There are some animal species that will soon be extinguished if an authentic miracle does not occur.

Tartaruga helmet mole

There are very few specimens in captivity of this strange and curious turtle, which looks like a porcupine turtle. It has Chinese origin.

Tartaruga angonoka

This species is in critical danger of extinction. It’s really fantastic!


This beautiful antelope nowadays has only 500 to 1000 specimens.

Extraterrestrial animal?

The so-called water bears , Tardigrada, are tiny animals (more than 1000 subspecies of various sizes) that do not exceed half a millimeter in size. However it is not this characteristic that distinguishes them between the immense terrestrial fauna.

These tiny, strange animals are able to withstand and survive a series of circumstancesthat would annihilate any other species, making them the most resistant species in the world. Here are some of his prodigious features:

  • Pressure. They are capable of surviving 6000 atmospheres of pressure. That is, 6000 times more than the pressure that exists on the surface of our planet.
  • Temperature. They are able to “resuscitate” after being frozen at -200º, or withstand positive temperatures up to 150º. In Japan they carried out an experiment in which they revived specimens of Tardigrada after 30 years of freezing.
  • Water. They can survive for up to 10 years without water. Its usual humidity is 85% and can reduce it by up to 3%.
  • Radiation. They are able to withstand radiation 150 times higher than those that would kill a human being.

These prodigious animals have been known since the year 1773. They live on moist surfaces of ferns, mosses and lichens.

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