The most affectionate cat breeds

The vast majority of domestic cats are kind pets, but there are some of them in which that feature stands out. Therefore, in this article of YourCatCareguide we will show you the most affectionate cat breeds . Maybe some breeds that you consider kind and sweet are off this list, just because they are due to their appearance. In addition, the personality of each cat is different . If you have more than one cat of the same species, you may notice that one is kinder than the other.

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The Siamese Cat

The Siamese cat is an extremely kind breed with the family with whom it coexists, especially with children, with whom it has an infinite patience.

One peculiarity that the Siamese cat has is its tendency to wait at the foot of the door for the person of the family who is almost coming home.

The Siamese cat is within reach of anyone who decides to adopt one. It is an excellent pet, so it is a guarantee of good times together. It is a race with a vivacious and curious temperament, but with a great capacity to express affection. It is a very intelligent breed of cat, able to communicate with people.

O gato Ragdoll

The Ragdoll cat is very gentle and kind , to the point of being completely powerless and comfortable when we took him in her arms, hence the name Ragdoll – rag doll. It is a curious contrast that a cat of such a large size is so kind and kind to visitors.

The Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon breed is very popular in the United States, from where it comes from, and is on the list of the most affectionate cats for being extremely sociable and loving with the family , especially with children.

This giant cat breed has two characteristics of the breed itself. The first is that he likes water and bathing. The second is that they always choose within the family a person with whom they are more loving and connected than the rest. Also, it does very well with other pets.

Exotic Cat

The exotic cat is a breed, perhaps the most loving thing is with the family. He is so kind and does not support loneliness well, even getting sick if he is alone.

He is very kind and is always where the family meets to enjoy his company and offer them all his affection. It tolerates very well the coexistence with other pets.

Burmese cat

The Burmese cat, or Sacred Burmese, is a breed with a spectacular physical presence. Its different size matches very well with the affection it shows to the family with whom it lives and, therefore, is part of the most loving cat breeds.

It is not a race that is as relevant as others. Its quiet and gentle temperament makes it an ideal cat for families who enjoy a quiet environment at home.

The cat Bombay

The Bombay cat is a little-known breed, but very prominent by the affection it shows for the host family . One characteristic of this breed is that it only mediates or emits other habitual sounds among other cats. Usually a calm breed.

The cat Havana

The cat Havana is so affectionate that sometimes even bores for constantly asking to be petted . He is very intelligent, playful and sociable, both with his family and with strangers. He is very active and constantly asks for attention or to play with him.

The Persian cat

The Persian cat is not only popular for its long, smooth hair, it also stands out for being a quiet cat . It is perfect for calm families who want a cat with a relaxed lifestyle and resembling yours.

Besides being quite calm, the Persian cat is very vain and loves to be hairstyled and that we devote time to your hair. For this reason, if it is one that enjoys taking care of the cat’s hair, the Persian is perfect for you. Dedicating time and much affection to him will have at his side an especially sweet cat.

O Gato Scottish Fold

The Scottish Fold cat has a really adorable look thanks to its folded ears. It is sweet in its appearance, but so is its character, the Scottish Fold is a friendly and friendly cat, easy to adapt. This is one of the exotic cat breeds .

He usually stays calm in the house and, in general, is a very docile cat that accepts well other pets, people and the games of the small ones. However, this breed has many associated health problems. Even the British veterinary association has asked not to breed more cats of this breed because they have a genetic mutation that affects cartilage and is a very painful disease for them.

An ordinary cat

Any cat can be affectionate and a great companion of life if we dedicate time, affection and games to him . If you are not sure which breed is suitable for you, we recommend that you go to a refuge and prove for yourself how healthy the cats are. Any animal with a good treatment can be tender and sweet.

Both a common cat and the previous breeds are part of the most affectionate cats, but that does not mean that any cat can be. Tell us about your partner and tell us how he is affectionate with you!

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