The smarter dog breeds

Stanley Coren is the creator of The Intelligence of Dogs, a book that has studied the different types of canine intelligence and ran a ranking of them. Currently, the list published in 1994 remains a worldwide reference for people who are looking for a dog that can learn and develop commands and techniques with ease.

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Discover, in this article of YourCatCareguide, which are the breeds of smarter dogs .

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1. Border Collie

The Border Collie is considered to be the smartest breed on Stanley Coren ‘s list . Their duties and tasks can be many, since we can educate them to be guard dog, shepherd dog, among many others. Their capabilities never cease to amaze.

It is a very active dog that needs an active tutor who wants to practice exercise with him daily. This way, it is an excellent companion for hiking, running or camping.

It takes time and dedication from your tutors who should pamper and mentally stimulate the dog every day. Currently, the case of Chaser, a Border Collie able to identify 1,022 different toys, is very popular.

2. Poodle

The second place on the list is occupied by the Poodle, the most famous contest dog. It is a hunting dog, but recent history shows, through coins and fabrics, that the poodle has been the ideal pet since the fifteenth century.

They have a lot of energy and are adept at learning tricks of all kinds. In general, we speak of a very sociable dog that is always willing to please his tutor, who always follows cheerfully.

In addition, the Poodle has a wonderful behavior with small children, with whom he spends long hours exercising and enjoying while performing tricks for treats.

3. German Shepherd

Third is the German Shepherd , a sensitive, intelligent and intuitive dog. It is widely used by the police for its agility, great olfactory ability and predisposition to obey the commands of its tutor with great speed.

It is a watchdog and a brave defender who was created and selected as a working dog. For this reason, one of the priorities of the German Shepherd is to please his tutor.

You should know that you are a race that needs to do a lot of exercise on a daily basis if you live in an apartment or small house. Still, the German Shepherd is a dog of affable character who prefers the warmth of a small space with his family than to spend long hours of solitude.

4. Golden Retriever

They have a growing popularity in thousands of homes, though that is not why they are fourth on Stanley Coren’s list. The Golden Retriever stands out for its beauty and its affable and humorous character. It is an energetic dog that enjoys water and possesses qualities like hunting dog.

It’s a very smart dog that can take on all sorts of tasks from dog police detective drug to rescue dog or simply being a wonderful companion dog. He is very tolerant of small children who take care of, protect and let them do silly things to him.

5. Doberman Pinscher

Finally, we’ll talk about the Doberman Pinscher , one of the fastest dogs when it comes to automating commands and training in general.

Despite the bad press he has had on occasion, he is a fairly quiet and tolerant race with all family members, including the youngest. She is a fantastic watchdog who loves to exercise , be with her family and take care of her.

He is a noble and handsome dog who is always vigilant and attentive, defending his family without fear when he realizes a real danger.

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