The raccoon as a pet

The raccoon is a wild animal that belongs to the family “Procyonidae”, an omnivorous mammal. It is a small animal, perhaps a little larger than a cat, with sharp claws and a thick tail with rings.

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Before thinking about having a raccoon as a petshould be clear that they are very different animals than people usually have in their homes and apartments. Your behavior will not be like that of a cat, a dog or a rabbit, you must be properly prepared for it and informed. So keep reading this article from YourCatCareguide where we explained everything about the raccoon.

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Is it possible to have a raccoon as a pet?

In different online buying and selling pages you will find a plethora of raccoon creators’ ads, but the truth is that you will not find them at pet stores in your area, for example. This is because the raccoon is not a companion animal nor does it exhibit the same docile behavior shown by cats or dogs. The natural place where a raccoon should be is in the forest, in its natural habitat.

It is a playful and docile mammal in the youth, but in its adult phase of life it can become aggressive with the human being if it does not treat it properly. Remember that far from the friendly look and docile look you possess, the raccoon also has teeth as well as claws and will not hesitate to wear them if they feel threatened.

If you still want to get a raccoon as a pet you should always adopt it as a baby (ideal to start educating you and to recognize us as your family), you should never adopt an adult raccoon.

Where can I adopt a raccoon?

If you are definitely determined to bring a raccoon to your home as an exotic pet, it is best to go to breeders who specialize in this type of different animal or who resort to animal refuges. It will be crucial that you invest time in finding out about your origin and the care you need.

In addition, it is very important to make sure that raccoons are legal in the place where they live, since these animals are banned in many areas. So first let us know if you can have a raccoon in your area before you have to end up returning the animal because it is illegal in your area.

If you want to have a raccoon as a pet, the best option is undoubtedly to resort to an animal shelter . It turns out that sometimes people who were determined to adopt a raccoon were frightened by their character, behavior, etc. Every year animals are abandoned all over the world, join this solidarity option and forget the trade of animals.

Care of the raccoon

The raccoon can not live inside an apartment if you want to have a raccoon as a pet should have a house with garden and an exclusive space for him, a large cage or even a room just for him.

You will need to spend long periods of the day loose in the garden, where the ideal is to have trees to climb and a tank or fountain where you can wash your food. They like water, when they live in nature they often wash fruits and crabs in the rivers before they eat them.

It is an omnivorous animal, so you can feed it with fruit, vegetables, chicken, turkey, fish clean and inclusive with cat food. Never give them red meat . Your metabolism allows you to eat very different foods but that does not mean you should give it any kind of product. See our article on raccoon feeding .

Raccoons need a minimum hygiene that will consist of one or two baths a year. You should not abuse the baths because the raccoons could lose the properties of the fat that covers your skin. The bath will be long with a neutral shampoo and should perform a correct rinse.

The raccoon changes its hair once a year, so we advise that especially at this time of the molt take special care when brushing it so that it is not stressed. You can use a metal toothbrush for this, always remembering to do it very carefully so as not to hurt you.

Behavior and education

You should try to make the raccoon as a puppy have good habits of both food and behavior. You should never crack down with aggression . If you want to show your raccoon that you have done something wrong, you should do so by always using the same word: for example “NO” to realize that this is not correct. It is an intelligent and curious animal that will certainly try to bite, scratch and climb any furniture, surface and object, must be prepared for it.

In the early days you should watch your pet to control their behavior and avoid risks that of course, out of curiosity, will try to take over.

We advise that all those people who want to have a raccoon as a pet should go to a professional in them to advise them on their education because they are sure to need to shape their bad behavior.

Remember that if you have not acquired the raccoon as a puppy, it may show signs of aggression with those who try to suppress them, for it is a complete stranger to them. As a final note you should also know that sometimes they emit a strong odor.

Common Raccoon Diseases

Lastly, it is important that you know the main diseases that affect raccoons so you can prevent them:

  • If you are going to have a raccoon at home you should be especially careful with a parasite called the “Baylisascaris procyonis” of the species itself.
  • You should be vaccinated against rabies .
  • Another of the most frequent problems that raccoons usually suffer from is obesity. Reduce your chances of suffering from it by taking special care with food and encouraging you to exercise throughout the house, always under control.
  • You may also suffer from hip dysplasia. To conserve the good state of the raccoon, especially disease-free, it is best to consult a veterinarian regularly and maintain a health check on the animal.

Lastly, we would like to remind you that the raccoon should not be a pet , although sometimes we can see cared and friendly raccoons with their host family. It will depend on each specific situation.

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