Is the Pitbull a dangerous dog?

Pitbull dogs are often considered dangerous dogs , which leads us not only to create a clear prejudice, but also leads us to think that there are good and bad dogs and that we are not responsible for that.

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But luckily many fans of this breed, since this dog, like any other, deserves a house, a good environment and a family willing to receive everything a pet can give.

What you need to know is that before adopting a dog that has certain needs you need to know, so in this article of ExpertAnimal we will try to clarify all doubts about whether the Pitbull is a dangerous dog or not.

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Potentially dangerous owners

In many countries the Pitbull is considered a potentially dangerous dog . This legislation aims to promote and establish certain rules of behavior, since it says that the dogs that are part of this list should walk only with a muzzle, short guide and under the responsibility of the owner, who must also obtain a license that counts with a number of requirements.

Ensuring a responsible, healthy and committed owner with the needs of the animal is necessary when we refer to muscular dogs and genuine character, but using the term of dangerous dogs is a serious mistake, as some owners are those who are truly dangerous to society . Remember for example the dog fights that are still part of our reality, albeit in a clandestine way.

So why do we often wonder if Pitbull is a dangerous dog? Because we simply judge this race by its physical qualities , among which we can emphasize a developed musculatura and a great athletic aptitude.

Some small dogs, such as the Yorkshire Terrier or the Pekingese, can be truly grumpy and even biting, just like any dog ​​that is not properly trained. So the only thing that leads us to think that one dog is more dangerous than another is his physical qualities, because obviously the attack of a muscular dog and a strong bite is not the same as that of a small dog.

Therefore, the main difference lies in the physical characteristics and the owner , being the key piece to determine the behavior of the dog.

Pitbull’s behavior

We tend to believe that Pitbull is a dog with a naturally aggressive behavior, but this idea is wrong because the Pitbull is a balanced , attentive, faithful and intelligent dog .

In addition, they have a great deal of restlessness for learning, which complements perfectly with a tendency that facilitates their obedience.

Like many other dogs, Pitbull is playful with his family and yearns for the time of day of exercise and leisure, of course they are loving and need the normal care that any other dog needs in all aspects, physical, social and psychological.

Before adopting a Pitbull

Pitbull is not a dangerous dog , so this type of statement should not have an influence on your decision to adopt a pet with these characteristics, however, before you commit you should take into account the following:

  • It is a dog that needs to exercise constantly, so it must have a large space and should be able to discipline your dog and provide him with all the rides and games that he needs.
  • If you have small children you should have some care because although the Pitbull is not aggressive due to his muscular body and strength can hurt the children during a joke, so it is necessary to supervise an adult.
  • Whenever you get enough love is a sweet dog with people , but sometimes not the same with animals if you are not provided the proper socialization since you are a puppy.

If your lifestyle is consistent with the character of this dog, do not hesitate and adopt a Pitbull, there are many owners who are surprised by the nobility and charisma of this breed.

Decided to adopt a Pitbull?

If you have decided to adopt a Pitbull as a new member of the family, you should know what care puppies need, just as when initiating canine training tasks we recommend that you know and use positive reinforcement in the learning process.

Regardless of the technical aspects, one of the first needs of your pet will be your name (which is the key to begin the training), to facilitate your decision you can consult our list of names for Pitbull puppies .

If you want to see the collection in the list above, click here. , we recommend you to enter our Curiosities section of the animal world .

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