The piranha as a pet

If you plan to have a piranha as a pet you should be very attentive to this Animal Expert article. It is an exotic and special fish that requires certain food care.

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It is a flashy fish and popular for its appearance on the screen, especially in horror films. In any case, you should not be guided by the fame you have, because not all piranhas are aggressive and ferocious as you think.

Discover in this article the care of the piranha as a pet and verify if it is really this animal that wants to adopt.

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An aquarium suitable for piranha

Unlike the rumors that appear on the Internet, piranhas do not attack humans . On only very few occasions could the red piranha and the black piranha do so in the presence of blood in the water or excessive movement in the water.

When preparing an aquarium for the piranha we should know that it is a cold-blooded fish that needs at least a constant temperature that is around 22ºC to 28ºC.

These fish need quality fresh water and because of their size we can not have any specimens if we do not have a large aquarium , that is, with a minimum of 120 liters, this is because a piranha can reach more than 30 centimeters.

Inside the aquarium must have hiding places and some natural aquatic plants, without being exceeded so that it can move with naturality. Beat faint lighting so the piranha feels comfortable.

There are many types of piranha and most are not compatible with other fish and even with specimens of their species. You should inform yourself adequately about the species you intend to adopt.

Food of the piranha

This is a fundamental part that we must take into account before adopting a piranha. The piranha’s diet consists of meat from other fish that inhabit its environment, a delicacy that makes them bite and chew, thus maintaining their healthy dentition. You can also offer crustaceans, freshwater invertebrates, insects and even pieces of raw meat without salt or additives.

Still, and as it has been recorded in the wild, piranhas can feed on plants. For this reason, you can always offer it, lettuce or fruit , always in small doses.

You should take into account that your diet should be based on the administration of live fish so that you never stop exercising your natural instinct and for this reason, and although there are specific rations, it is not recommended to give you this food already prepared .

Must have a bitch?

In the Animal Expert we do not recommend that you adopt a piranha as a pet and in case you want to do it we recommend that you go to refuges where you have copies that others have left, either because of their size, lack of knowledge, lack of ability, etc.

Remember that a piranha grows to a size that requires considerable care and can not fail to comply. Must be responsible and anticipate what may happen in the future, including veterinary costs, transportation, etc.

Red piranha

piranha-vermelha ou pygocentrus nattereri é um tipo de piranha que pode originar lesões graves devido à sua potente dentadura. São propensas a fazê-lo especialmente em águas quentes e foram registrados ataques a banhistas em cidades como Rosário (Argentina).


Tal como no caso anterior, a piranha-preta ou Serrasalmus rhombeus é outro tipo de piranha territorial e predadora e é famosa pela sua agressividade e velocidade. A sua convivência com outras espécies é complicada embora possam aceitar outros membros no seu aquário se estiverem bem alimentadas.

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