The 5 oldest animals in the world

There are creatures almost as old as the planet Earth itself. Animals that have survived the most extreme circumstances such as natural disasters, extinctions, climate change and all kinds of devastation. Their own evolution has helped them to stand firm on our planet.

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Over the years and to adapt to their surroundings, these ancestral animals have been developing astonishing abilities and strange physical characteristics.

In this article of the Expert Animal we elaborate a list so that it knows the 5 oldest animals of the world . Much older species than people with the world’s oldest Guinness Record and even that of all humans who inhabit the planet.

Snake shark

This strange mixture of shark and eel has inhabited the Earth for over 150 million years . It has a powerful jaw with 300 teeth distributed in 25 rows. This shark species is the oldest in the world.

They live in the depths of the ocean, although a couple of specimens have recently been found along the coasts of Australia and Japan. They have evolved very little as far as attractiveness is concerned, they are physically fearful. Imagine as if a very ugly shark had joined an even uglier eel and had a baby. The snake shark (or shark-eel) is the typical creature of child nightmares, and is one of the oldest animals in the world.


Lampreys are even more ancient than the snake shark. They are 360 ​​million years old. They are very strange agnatos (fish without jaw) that have as mouth a hole full of dozens of teeth that they use to hold other fish and at the same time to suck their blood. They look like eels but are not genetically or related to them.

Unlike other fish they do not have scales and, therefore, more than fish, are almost parasitic. It has a slim, gelatinous and slippery appearance. They are very primitive animals and some scientists claim that lampreys date back to practically the Paleozoic period.


The sturgeon, 250 million years old, is one of the oldest creatures in the world . Sturgeons are not a particular animal but a family that has 20 species, all more or less, with similar characteristics. The most popular is the European Atlantic sturgeon that lives in the Black and Caspian Sea.

Despite being very, very old, several sturgeon species that exist today are in danger of extinction. Their eggs are highly valued and used in the overproduction of caviar. A sturgeon can measure up to 4 meters long and live 100 years.

Ant of Mars

This type of ant was recently discovered in the moist soils of the Amazon jungle. However, it is said that the origins of its species are more than 130 million years old . In the list of the oldest animals in the world, the Mars Ant is the representative of terrestrial life, since almost all others are marine creatures.

They are known by the term “Martian” because it is a species of ant with characteristics so different within their own family that it seems that they came from another planet. She is considered the most primitive of her “sisters”. They are scientifically cataloged as “Martiales Heureka” are small, predatory and blind.

Horseshoe crab

In 2008, Canadian scientists found a new fossil of Horseshoe Crab (also known as Boundary). They declared that this species of crabs began its life on Earth almost 500 million years ago . They are dubbed “living fossils” because they have practically not changed over time. Imagine how difficult it must be to remain the same after so many environmental transitions. The horseshoe crabs have earned their name because they are authentic warriors.

A curious fact is that this animal, despite spending most of its life buried in the sand, is a species more related to arachnids than to crabs. This ancient animal is in grave danger due to the exploitation of its blood (which is blue), and which has curative properties and is used for pharmaceutical purposes.

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