The Mysticism of Cats

There are many legends of witches that have been preserved to this day, and all of them convey a rather grotesque image of sorceresses, with the classic wart on the nose. Did you know that this wart was understood as a third nipple that was used to nurse the cats?

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That’s right, these animals were long understood as the companions of the witches, but at other times throughout history they were also idolized as authentic Gods.

Few animals are as genuine as the cat and few animals have so much mystery, there are multiple mystical stories that have our felines as protagonists. Do you want to meet them? In this article of Animal Expert we talk about the mysticism that surrounds the cats .

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The cat comes all

We can observe in our cat numerous comic behaviors , but certainly we also observe strange behaviors, sudden leaps, meowing staring to a point where apparently there is nothing out of the ordinary …

In ancient Egypt cats were called Miw, which means “seeing” and statues were made that imitated this animal to be put away from home, so it was believed that the cat could protect the house because it was able to see all.

The figure of the cat was highly revered in Egypt, so much so that when a feline died it was mummified and several days of mourning were decreed, on the other hand, if the cat’s death was not natural and was due to some mistreatment, the person was sentenced to death.

Cats are not from this planet.

There is the fascinating theory of extraterrestrial cats, which seems to have a solid foundation, since we know that dogs descend from the wolf, as we draw an evolutionary line of the cat?

It is known that the cat initiated contact with humans in Ancient Egypt, but where were the cats before that? Nowadays one can not conclude with the full scientific consensus that cats obey the evolution of another animal, so their sudden appearance in a culture that has been related in numerous occasions with the extraterrestrial life, makes us think about the possible origin interstellar nature of these animals and the mysticism that surrounds them.

Cats and their great psychic ability

It is believed that cats capture subtle energies that the human being is not able to perceive and this is one of the factors that increase the mysticism of cats. Both his ear and his sense of smell, like his supposed sixth sense, would make the cat the best animal to perceive strange presences and spirits, and in fact, various studies have been made of it.

If you also believe that the cat feeds on negative energies and that when it rests for a long period of time in a corner of the house is precisely absorbing these energies to transform and eliminate them from our home. Because of this supposed ability, some people clean tarot cards by rubbing them against their cat’s back.

The cat, the faithful companion of the witches

At the beginning of this article we have already mentioned how the cat has been linked to witches since the earliest times, especially during medieval times, since cats symbolized darkness and magic . The texts that reveal pagan traditions and that have survived until the present time say that once formed a circle for a ritual, the cat is the only animal that can enter and leave.

It was also believed that witches could turn into a cat but could also cast spells to turn other humans into these mysterious felines.

The relationship between witches, cats and evil has been perpetuated for many years, so much so that today there is still the superstition to cross with a black cat that would be synonymous with bad luck , however, it is only one superstition as widespread as false.

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