The 10 most popular cat breeds in the world

We know that adopting a cat , regardless of race, color, sex or age is an act of pure love that gives us the opportunity to live with a feline full of abilities and charms. How often are we surprised and learned from the attitudes and abilities of our pets? However, some breeds of felines are more successful in conquering millions of people of different cultures than other breed, either for their privileged physical beauty, for their personality or remarkable intelligence and kindness. For this reason, in Animal Expert we invite you to know the 10 most popular cat breeds in the world and to get to know these felines a little more.

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1. Persian cat: a conqueror par excellence

It is likely that you have or know someone who owns or simply loves these charming felines. The Persian cats seem to be born for success. Not only because of his sweet appearance and a little good- natured , but also because of his noble personality , and at the same time loving and caring. In fact, the Persians are so beloved all over the world that since they began to be registered by the CFA ( Cat Fanciers Association ) in 1871, they rank first among the most popular cat breeds in the world. An undeniable conqueror!

Although your hair is really precious, we must take into account that the care of a Persian catas a pet must necessarily include daily brushing to preserve its good health and prevent the formation of knots in its beautiful coat.

2. Siamese: the most affectionate of all

Impossible to speak of Siamese cats without remembering those eyes with beautiful shades of green and blue, which perfectly match their elegant features. Do not you agree? The Siamese are so special that their tutors claim to meow in a unique way , as if talking to their favorite humans.

There are many possible reasons why Siamese are successful as pet animals, but certainly their personality deserves the most prominence. They are very affectionate and loyal cats , capable of transmitting a great affection to the members of his family. In addition, short hair is also an attractive of this breed, since it requires simple care to be kept clean, beautiful and healthy.

Russian Blue Cat: Pure Elegance

It is very easy to recognize a Russian Blue cat: it is a medium race, elegant and stylish with a short coat and shades of gray or silver that can sometimes show a blueish shadow and large ears. This feline breed was popular because of its peculiar appearance and also for its affectionate and very playful personality. In addition, it releases less hair and requires simple care with its brushing, which facilitates the maintenance of its coat. It is currently very common to find a Russian Blue among the favorite pets of families with children.

4. American Bobtail: Always Ready for the Game

The appearance of an American Bobtail cat is generally very amiable and attractive, being also among the most popular cat breeds in the world. The breed is characterized by medium but robust stature, with a remarkably rectangular posture and hind legs larger than the front. In addition, it has a small tail, both in relation to its own body as compared to other breeds of cats.

However, his popularity is not due to the charm of his body, but to his active personality, intelligent and sociable . An excellent companion animal for those who enjoys playing games and long periods of fun with his faithful companion.

5. Somali: enigmatic and distinct

A Somali cat is usually very interesting and somewhat enigmatic, thanks to its somewhat wild appearance resulting from its coat and its features. However, they are domestic cats with great adaptability to family and home life. They have an active personality, they learn easily and are very predisposed to be trained.

Somali not only comes from the Abyssinian cat , but is also very much like an animal of this ancient breed of felines. In fact, the only really noticeable difference between the two felines is the length of their coat: while the Somali has a medium coat, which needs daily brushing, the abyssinian has the short and easy to maintain.

6. Siberian: the wildest and most captivating look

In recent decades, races originating in Russia and Siberia have expanded significantly and gained widespread popularity worldwide. If among the dogs, the Siberian husky and the Samoyed became beloved animals, as far as cats are concerned, the Siberian breed has conquered many cat lovers, making it another of the most popular cat breeds in the world.

Like his canine compatriots, the Siberian cat retains a somewhat wild appearance , is very sturdy and boasts a plush coat that has allowed it to survive the extreme cold of its homeland. Before we choose them as a pet, we must be clear that this is a big cat breed , which requires special attention both in brushing their coat and in their precocious socialization.

7. Ragdoll: the sweet rag doll

Ragdoll can be translated into Portuguese literally as “cloth doll”. But far from resembling an old toy, these cats parade elegant features , which are complemented by a docile and very balanced personality. Sure, thanks to that, ragdolls are among the most popular giant cat breeds in the world.

Its origins, according to the experts in feline genetics, result from several crossbreeding among other older races , such as Persian and Siamese. One of the particular characteristics of this breed is that its childhood is usually long, it can take up to 3 years to reach adulthood and complete its physical and cognitive development.

8. Maine Coon: A Charming Giant

These felines have gained much popularity in the last years thanks to their enormous size and remarkable robustness. An adult Maine coon can weigh up to 10 pounds and measure up to 70 cm in width . But this giant body reveals a very affectionate cat that gets along well with the water and shows great sociability. That is, an excellent pet for a family with children or for a home with other cats.

In addition, this breed has some curiosities concerning its origins, starting with its name. The first part is derived from the State of Maine, in the United States, from which it originates, but the “Coon” is an abbreviation for “racoon,” which literally means “raccoon.” All of this is explained by a legend that says the Maine Coon are a hybrid between a raccoon and a wild cat. Curious, is not it?

And we can not forget a very interesting particularity of this breed: The Maine are capable of mewing in different tones . As if it were not enough to win us for their beauty and their personality, these charming giants can also “sing for you”. How to resist?

9. Manx: the adorable without tail

This breed, originally from the Isle of Man (one of the British Isles), differs from the other feline breeds by having undergone a natural mutation in the vertebral column . Manx cats, also known as manx cats, have no syrup , although some specimens may have a tiny stump in the syrup region. Besides this peculiarity, it is a kind and loyal breed, medium-sized and medium-haired.

10. Burmese: a very sociable feline

Although native to Thailand, this breed is divided into 2 groups today: The Burmese (or Burmese) English and American . They own a long, silky fur, which is usually very easy to mate compared to other plush fur cats, one of the reasons that led them to close the list of breeds of cats more popular in the world.

It became very popular thanks to its “canine” character: they are sociable and extroverted cats , which show a lot of flexibility in their daily habits. And according to the tutors of cats of the Burmese race, their pussies not only respond by name, but also receive them at the door of the house with a lively reception.

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