The 10 most loyal animals to your partner

It is certain that most animals do not usually have any kind of fidelity towards their companions as soon as the reproduction process ends. However, nature surprises with animal breeds that create ties that accompany them for a lifetime. Investigate with us the animal world to know the 10 animals most loyal to your partner .

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The parakeet is a social animal that feels alone and sad when it has no company, being one of the animals more faithful to its pair. He needs a companion to be happy inside the cage and once he is with her, he does not want to leave his side. The death of a partner is always terrible for the parakeet, which can develop serious anxiety.


Beavers are monogamous animals that only fail to be faithful when their pair dies. When they are parents, both collaborate to maintain the nest, creating dams together and getting together for the survival of the whole family.

It is common for the puppies to leave the colony to form a new one when they reach maturity. However, in times of food shortages, they stay with their family waiting for abundance. The pups adopt the behavior they observed in their parents at the time of creating a colony.

Yellow Penguin Penguin

In the summer, yellow-billed penguins return to the place where they were born to meet a suitable female and win a partner whom they will be faithful for the rest of their lives . Those who already have a partner return to Antarctica, to the exact point where they made their last nest. They can be very aggressive when another male tries to seduce his mate and they have a very peculiar ritual: after the mating, they take care of the eggs together.


Swans are animals that live as a couple. They meet in the winter months. When they see the partner, they swim around each other and make neck movements characteristic of the species. After laying the eggs, it is the female who takes care of them. However, the male often replaces the female in this task. They are very faithful to the reproductive territory, and may even show aggression with other swans and with human cases, be they domestic animals. They create lasting bonds with their partner and, after their death, never return to seek another mate.


Gibbons are a type of monogamous primate that develops bonds that last for a lifetime. For them, this is an advantage in the optimization of resources, lower energy cost in the protection of the territory, among others. Spend the day together, sharing resources and caring for the young.

Gray wolf

The gray wolves form a pack consisting of a male, a female and their offspring. They are incredibly faithful to their partner and protect their young until they die.


In Latin, its name is Pomacanthus paru . This marine fish stands out for its faithfulness as a couple . Although they do not take care of their small puppies, once they get out of the egg they live together forever. They defend each other from attacks by other fish, and even if they are the only inhabitants of an aquarium, they continue to play a territorial role.


Owls are faithful birds not only in the mating season, but are monogamous birds for the rest of the year. The male and the female cooperate in the care and feeding of the young. In addition, they are very protective animals, and mothers often lose their lives to protect their offspring in battling predators twice or triple their size.

Bald eagle

A national symbol of the United States, bald eagles pair their lives with a chosen companion , being faithful until the day of their death or in cases of impotence. Build and nurture the nest together, looking for warmth and nourishment in turns. The chicks remain in the nest for some time until they are ready to live alone, extending this period if environmental conditions are bad.


It seems strange, but some types of termites are also part of the species that are on the monogamy list . After you start court on your partner, they look for a place to reproduce and thrive. If successful, they create a new colony where they will be king and queen. If they do not succeed, they die.

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