The most expensive dog breeds in Brazil

Large, medium, small, long haired, short, hairless, muzzle long, shrunken, friendly, energetic, quiet, territorialist, pathfinders, dogs come in so many different types that it is difficult to find someone who has not been fascinated by any breed at all. of life. But what if the breed of your dream dog costs dearly?

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To help you better prepare and understand what is behind the value of each puppy, Expert Animal has separated a list of the ten most expensive dog breeds in Brazil .

How much does it cost to have a dog?

If you have a dog, you rarely think about how much it costs to have a dog on a day-to-day basis . For many people, this amount comes down to the ration and an occasional visit to the vet because they are themselves bathing, cleaning the kennel / bed and pay attention. Now, when you have a large number of dogs, the thing multiplies and the smallest detail gets large proportions.

A serious breeder will provide excellent quality ration, maintain routine visits to the veterinarian (which includes a series of vaccines and care that many owners simply ignore), baths with special products to ensure that the animals are free of parasites, effort to keep the kennel clean and the dogs healthy. Also, it is important to keep in mind that not all puppies will be sold . Depending on the breed, the pattern is so specific that any individuality can de-characterize the puppy by causing it to lose its commercial value.

So, aside from the high maintenance cost for serious creators, return is not as advantageous or guaranteed as it sounds. Not to mention the initial investment to get healthy adult dogs to start breeding. Keep in mind also that the more people want a specific breed, the greater the amount that the breeder can charge to cover the costs. That is why many dog ​​breeds cost really expensive.

What are the most expensive dog breeds in Brazil?

When searching for more expensive breeds, it is common that the lists bring types of dogs famous internationally for their price, but that often do not exist in Brazil. With that in mind, we conducted a survey of the largest pet stores and breeders and separated the 10 most expensive breeds of dogs in Brazil .

Belgian Shepherd – can reach R $ 6,000

In fact, this breed has four variations: Groenendael , Laekenois, Tervuren and Malinois . Among them, Groenendael is the most common in the country and visually reminds one a German Shepherd, only black. That is, it has the same elongated snout, the same size, the same pointed ears, with the difference of having the longest and fullest hair. Like most pastors, he is very energetic and needs space, besides being very intelligent .

Newfoundland – can reach $ 6,000

Famous for its fondness for water, Newfoundland is often used as a life preserver. His body has adaptations that make him a great swimmer, and the powerful stance ensures strength to rescue people, toys and even fishing nets. However, despite its imposing size, it is quite docile, quiet and gentle. This is one of the biggest dogs in the world .

Samoieda – can reach R $ 6,500

To say that this breed is originally from Siberia should already help to understand much about it. They can be white like snow or cream, long coat, ideal for people living in the cold regions of the country. They have long been used to pull sleds and, like dogs of this type, have a lot of energy and need regular physical activity . This is one of the considered breeds of the most beautiful dogs in the world .

Bull Terrier – can reach R $ 6,500

Created originally to be a dog of quarrel, the Bull Terrier was later adapted to be a more calm and affectionate dog. Often confused with the Pit Bull, it differentiates itself by the tendency to be more playful. Because he is a bit rough in his play, he is not a race for very young children. Remember too, without much activity the attention of that powerful jaw can turn against your furniture.

French Bulldog – can reach $ 8,500

One of the nicest dogs on the list, this variation of the classic Bulldog is slimmer, smaller, and with “bat ears.” Another difference, which is very important, is that they are much more energetic than their English cousins. However, like most muzzle breeds flattened, the French Bulldog has a shorter life expectancy, rarely living longer than 10 years. See our article on the problems of the French bulldog breed .

English Bulldog – can reach $ 10,000

This is the classic Bulldog with its large cheeks, protruding jaw and drooping eyes. His blasé face is no coincidence, dogs of this breed tend to be lazy and more into theirs. However, when they decide to play, prepare to see things falling through the house. They are abrupt and not at all delicate, real clumsy bulls, but this only increases the charm of the breed for those who like it.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – can reach $ 10,500

Imagine a Cocker Spaniel that will have a puppy face forever. The Cavalier is so adorable that they claim to have become an obsession of King Charles II to the point of having their names associated to this day. They are ideal for those who are looking for a dog of lap for both small size and calm and docility. Great for the whole family.

Pit Bull Blue Nose – can reach $ 12,000

The Pit Bull breed is so surrounded by controversy that it is hard to find someone you do not know, but in Brazil there is a much more expensive coloring than the others. Known as Blue Nose, or Blue Nose, Pit Bulls of this type tend to have a slightly bluish dark gray color. Like the other types of dogs of the breed, they are gentle and cheerful but need to be socialized to prevent them from becoming possessive.

Rottweiler – can reach $ 12,900

Before the Pit Bull, the Rottweiler was long considered a violent breed and used as watchdogs. However, anyone who knows dogs of the type knows that it is more of a matter of size and magnificence associated with a more introspective personality. They must be socialized from an early age so that they become gentle and calm animals with strangers , otherwise they can become quite territorial.

German Spitz – can reach $ 16,000

Also known as Lulu of Pomerania , it is part of the group Spitz (the same as the Samoieda), dogs from the northern regions of the globe created to resist the snow. However, unlike its cousin sled pullers, Lulu was shrunk to become a lap version. Like other small dogs, it is extremely energetic and playful, with a slight tendency to become uneducated when it does not take limits. But it’s easier said than done. How to resist the temptation to pamper these hair balls? No wonder they are generally the most expensive dog breed in the country. This breed is considered one of the most expensive dog breeds in the world.

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