The 10 most beautiful animals in the world

All the animals that inhabit the Earth are beautiful, the diversity that exists on our planet is practically infinite and rich in size, shapes, characteristics and colors.Thanks to the animals, which adorn with their beauty all the scenery, the world is more pleasant mysterious and full of grace.

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In YourCatCareguide we took the challenge of researching the most beautiful animals in the world and in this article we show you what we find. This is not to say that others are not, only that the following creatures stand out among other animals, because they are very exotic and have an extraordinary beauty capable of attracting the attention of the whole world.

Here is the ranking of the 10 most beautiful animals in the world according to the Animal Expert. Beauty is a broad and subjective term, if there is an animal that seems to be one of the most beautiful but that is not on this list, leave us your comment.

1. Arara

Araras are exotic birds that inhabit the tropical jungles of South America and belong to a family of birds called Psittacidae . Its beauty is due to the combination of bright colors that have its plumage: bright yellow, crimson red, grass green, blue and orange, are the colors protagonists of this flight. Many people have macaws as pets, and perhaps for this reason Macaws are a species that must be protected.

Araras are medium-sized birds, but they have extensive wings that, when opened, attract our attention very much. These birds are very sociable, love to walk in groups and be the most beautiful of the air . It is fascinating to watch the flight of a group of Macaws, it seems they draw the rainbow in the sky. It is undoubtedly one of the 10 most beautiful animals in the world!

2. White Bengal Tiger

The bengal tiger is a symbol of grandeur and strength . Of majestic appearance, this creature leaves open mouth anyone who is in his presence. It is not surprising that the tiger was chosen because it is the main character of many mythologies such as Greek, Persian and Chinese.

The mystery and mystique of their looks bewitches anyone. By genetic mutations there are some bengal tigers that are born white … even more beautiful!

3. Swan

The tale that speaks of the ugly duckling that has turned into a wonderful swan, is not totally true, nor totally false. It is true that swans are not born these beautiful white creatures, but, likewise, when they are just a few chicks, they are adorable and beautiful.

The swan as it grows and develops, becomes a totem of beauty and grace. What girl has never identified herself in her life with a swan? The swan surprises us with its beauty and is a clear deserving to be present among the most beautiful animals in the world.

4. Albino Peacock

When we looked up the photos for this article of the 10 most beautiful animals in the world, it took us several minutes to choose the ideal one to represent the albino peacock. This fan-like plumage, white as snow and looking like a painting, is extremely special . This bird is an authentic supermodel, always posing and showing its beauty to all who pass before it.

5. Dolphin

The beauty of the dolphin goes beyond its brilliant physical appearance , humans have always been enchanted with dolphins and we love their presence. The dolphin symbolizes joy, freedom and spontaneity in a world so controlled. When we see a dolphin or, better still, a dolphin swimming dolphins swimming and surfing the waves, our mood is better and everything becomes something very special and emotional. The dolphin looks like it’s always smiling.

6. Mandarin fish

Electric , so is the Mandarin fish, which seems to have an inner light that makes it glow all the time. This fish is one of the creatures most sought after by underwater photographers to be captured by their lenses. Despite its own light, the Mandarin fish is very timid, and prefer to appear at night. They are commonly called Mandarin fish because they resemble the legendary Chinese dragons.

7. Chameleon

The chameleon is the most beautiful reptile in the world. Imagine can change color depending on the circumstances , this would be magnificent and special. Chameleons can change color due to their pigmentary cells called “chromatophores”, which allows them to mimic themselves with the environment, change their tone whenever they want to hide from a predator or turn around to perform the rituals of mating.

8. Frisian Horse

The Frisian horses are magnificent animals of great size and elegance . Of a single color and impact, that lead us to travel to indomitable and mythical territories. Originally from the Netherlands, the Frisian is one of the oldest domesticated horse breeds in the world . Its ancestor the “tarpan” horse, extinct in the 20th century due to the unmeasured human hunting, is known as the wildest horse in history.

9. Husky siberiano

How not to include a dog in this list? The Siberian Husky takes the canine beauty award . Elegant animals of white and gray color and thriving blue eyes, always catch our eye. Your image evokes protection, strength and magnetism.

10. Butterfly wing of glass

The butterfly glass wing, with the scientific name: ” Greta Oto “, is one of the most strange and peculiar butterflies in the world. The fabric of its wings is transparent , target the border which is brown in color. Thus, this butterfly ends up being the color of the background where it is, mimicking practically with its environment. This is an exceptional ability, which allows them to camouflage themselves with the vegetation and distract their predators.

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