The meaning of the Christmas reindeer

Among the most outstanding Christmas stories we find Santa Claus, a character who lives in the North Pole and who receives letters from all the children of the world to finally decide if these children have done well all year and deserve or not receive your gifts. But when did this tradition begin? Who is Santa Claus? And why did you choose Reindeers and not horses to deliver gifts to children?

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In YourCatCareguide we want to revive the legend a bit and try to understand the meaning of the Christmas reindeer . We do not want to demystify anything, but to know these noble animals that work on December 24th. Keep reading and find out all about Santa’s reindeer.

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Santa Claus, the protagonist

Santa Claus, Santa Claus or Santa Claus, all over the world is known by different names, but the story is always the same.

In century IV was born in a city of Turkey a boy named Nicholas of Bari. He had been known since childhood for his kindness of generosity toward the poor or the less fortunate children, considering that he had been born into a very wealthy family. At the age of 19 he loses his parents and inherits a great fortune that decides to give to the most needy and follows with his uncle the way of the priesthood.

Nicolás dies on December 6th, 345 and because of the proximity to the date of Christmas, it was decided that this saint was the perfect image to distribute presents and treats to the children. He was appointed patron saint of Greece, Turkey and Russia.

The name of Santa Claus comes from the name in German with which it is recognized San Nikolaus. Tradition was growing in Europe around the twelfth century. But coming to 1823, an English writer, Clement Moore, wrote the famous poem ” A Visit to St. Nicholas ” where he perfectly describes Santa Claus who crossed the skies in a sleigh pulled by his nine reindeer to distribute gifts in time.

But the United States was not left behind, in 1931 they commissioned a famous brand of soft drinks to make a caricature of this old man, depicted in a red suit, belt and black boots.

Nowadays, the story centers on a Santa Claus who lives at the North Pole along with his wife and a group of elves who make toys all year round. When it arrives 24 at night, Santa puts all the toys in a bag and mounts his sleigh to distribute the presents in each Christmas tree.

Christmas reindeer, more than a simple symbol

To learn the meaning of the Christmas reindeer, we must continue to investigate these magical creatures that drag Santa’s sled . They have magical powers and are flying. They are born thanks to the poem that we mentioned previously of the writer Moore that only gave life to eight of them: the four of the left are females (Comet, Acrobat, Throne, Brioso) and the four of the right are male (Cupid, Lightning, Dancer, Playful) .

In 1939, after the Robert L. Mays tale titled “Christmas Story” it gives life to a ninth reindeer named Rudolph (Rodolfo) who would be situated in front of the sled and has a white color. But his tale would be closely related to a Scandinavian legend where God Odin had an eight-legged white horse that carried Santa with his helper, Black Peter, to hand out gifts. The stories merged and the 8 reindeer were born. It is also said that goblins are responsible for caring for and feeding the reindeer. They divide the time between the production of gifts and the reindeer.

Although we say that they are magical creatures , that fly, they are also animals of flesh and bone, magicians, but that do not fly. They are vitally important in the Arctic peoples where they perform very diverse tasks. They are part of indigenous communities and collaborate to keep them warm and linked with the rest of the world.

They are part of the deer family, with a thick and thick hair to face the low temperatures. They are migratory animals that live in herds and when the coldest times begin they can make migrations of up to 5,000 km. They currently live in the Arctic region of North America, Russia, Norway and Sweden.

They are peaceful animals that feed in the wild of herbs, mushrooms, tree corks, etc. Basically they are ruminants, like the cow or the sheep. They have an excellent sense of smell, since when living in regions where their food is buried under heavy layers of snow, they have to have a way of finding it, smell. They are prey and their main enemies are the wolves, the eagle, lynx, bears and … the human being. I think this brief summary gives us to know a little more about these beautiful animals that, almost unintentionally, are also the protagonists at Christmas.

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