The Mayan Hummingbird Legend

“Hummingbirds’ feathers are magical” -that was what the Mayans assured , a Mesoamerican civilizationthat lived between the third and fifteenth centuries in Guatemala, Mexico, and other parts of Central America.

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The Mayans saw hummingbirds as sacred creatureswho possessed healing powers through the joy and love they conveyed to the people who watched them. This in a way is very accurate, even nowadays, every time we see a hummingbird we are full of very pleasant emotions.

The worldview of the Mayan civilization has a legend for everything (especially for animals) and has created an incredible story about this vibrant creature. Continue reading this article from YourCatCareguide where you can meet the curious legend more of the hummingbird .

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The Maya and the Gods

The Mayans had a mystical culture and, as already mentioned, had a legend for everything. According to the wise ancients of this civilization, the gods created everything that exists on the planet, forming animals from clay and corn, endowing them with exceptional physical and spiritual abilities and particular missions, many of them even being the personification of the gods themselves. The creatures of the animal world are sacred to civilizations like Maya because they believed that these were direct messengers of their beloved deities.

The hummingbird

The legend of the Mayan hummingbird says that the gods created all the animals and each gave a certain task to fulfill on Earth. When they were done, they realized that they needed to assign a very important job to them: they needed a messenger to carry their thoughts and desires from one place to another. However, what happened was that, besides, since they did not count on it, they had little material for the creation of this new carrier, since they had no more clay or corn.

Since they were Gods, creators of the possible and the impossible, they decided to do something more special. They took a Jade stone (a precious mineral) and carved an arrow that symbolized the course. After a few days, when it was ready they blew so hard on it that the arrow flew through the skies into a beautiful multicolored hummingbird.

They created the humble and light hummingbird so that it could fly around nature, and the man almost without realizing his presence, gathered his thoughts and desires and could carry them with him.

According to legend the hummingbirds became so popular and important that the man began to feel the need to pick them up for his personal needs. The gods annoyed with this disrespectful reality condemned to death every man who dared to cage one of these fantastic creatures and, moreover, endowed the bird with an impressive rapide. This is one of the mystical explanations given to the fact that it is practically impossible to catch a hummingbird. The Gods protect the hummingbirds.

The orders of the gods

It is believed that these birds carry messages from the afterlife and may be manifestations of the spirit of a deceased person. The hummingbird is also considered a mythological animal healer who helps people in need by changing their luck.

Finally, the legend says that this charming, tiny and stealthy bird has the important task of carrying the thoughts and intentions of people. So if you see a hummingbird approaching your head, do not touch it and let it collect your thoughts and take them straight to your destination.

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