The Labrador and his obsession with food

The human family sits at the table to eat and suddenly the dog is alert, gets up and comes up with a great curiosity, sits next to him and looks at you. And if you look back and observe your attentive, tender face and hypnotizing look, it will be virtually impossible not to feed you.

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Of course we are talking about the Labrador, a dog with a beautiful appearance and an irresistible character for dog lovers, since few dogs are so kind, docile, friendly, affectionate and also very good at work. There are many characteristics that make the Labrador one of the most popular dogs, but among them we must point out that his appetite is voracious and seems to be a practically insatiable dog.

This is the specific topic that we are going to discuss in this article by YourCatCareguide, the Labrador and his obsession with food .

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Why does the Labrador have an insatiable appetite?

The canine obesity is a very dangerous disease for our pets and unfortunately occur with increasing frequency, for this reason several studies have been conducted in the veterinary field that attempted to identify the genetic causes of this disease state.

A study conducted at the University of Cambridge has identified a variant of the first gene related to the onset of obesity in dogs, it is a gene called POMC and was precisely discovered in dogs Labradors.

It is precisely the variety or mutation of this gene that gives the Labradors a voracious and continuous appetite. Does this mean that we have to respond with food to this Labrador genetic characteristic? No, that’s a damaging idea.

Why not give in to the wishes of your Labrador

As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, resist while you are eating and your lovely Labrador looks at you with such a sweet face is difficult, very difficult, but if you want the best for your pet, you can not share your food with him every time he asks.

You should know that Labrador is one of the breeds that are more prone to obesity , which implies the following risks:

  • What you may consider a treat or a show of affection for your dog is actually a contributing factor to the development of obesity, since the Labrador is very prone to gain weight.
  • Obesity can lead to heart disease, respiratory problems and joint conditions, with the consequent decrease in mobility and quality of life of the dog.
  • Se ceder sempre aos pedidos por comida que o seu Labrador faz, estará a adquirir um hábito muito prejudicial, por isso é melhor prevenir este tipo de hábitos.

Healthy Eating and Exercise for the Labrador

It is advisable to feed your Labrador with feed whose calorie content is reduced compared to the reference food. You may want to offer homemade food, too, but doing it while you are eating is not a good option, as this involves adding calories that your dog does not need.

In any case, you can substitute a meal with a home-cooked meal, but it is best not to mix both types of preparations, since the digestion time varies from one to the other and this can cause gastric problems.

Although the Labrador is a dog prone to obesity, it has the advantage of having a very robust physical structure and suitable for physical activity , so it is important to exercise it daily. In addition, there are several exercises for Labradors, such as swimming and playing with the ball, that will help you maintain your pet’s health and prevent obesity.

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