The Intelligence of Crows

Throughout history, and possibly due to mythology, crows have always been seen as sinister birds, symbols of bad luck. But the truth is that these black plumage birds are among the 5 most intelligent animals in the world . Crows can socialize among themselves, remember faces, talk, reason, and solve problems.

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The raven’s brain is proportionally the same size as the human’s, and it has already been shown that they can even deceive each other for the purpose of protecting their food. In addition, they are able to imitate sounds and vocalize. Want to know more about Crow intelligence ? So do not miss this Animal Expert article!

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The Crows in Japan

As with pigeons in Portugal, in Japan we find crows everywhere. These animals were able to adapt to the urban environment, in such a way that they even take advantage of the traffic to partis nuts and eat them. They throw the nuts out of the air so that the cars break them when they pass over and when the traffic stops, they enjoy and descend to collect their fruit. This type of learning is known as operant conditioning.

This behavior demonstrates that the crows have created a culture of corruption , that is, they have learned from each other and transmitted the knowledge to each other. This way of acting with the nuts began with those of a neighborhood and is now common everywhere in the country.

Tool design and puzzle solving

There are many experiments that demonstrate the intelligence of ravens when it comes to reasoning to solve puzzles or make tools. This is the case with Raven Betty, the first issue of the Science journal to show that these birds could create tools just like primates. Betty was able to create a hook with the materials that had placed around her without ever having seen how it was done.

This behavior is very common in wild ravens living in woods and using branches and leaves to create tools to help them get larvae from inside the trunks.

Experiments were also conducted where crows were shown to make logical connections to solve more or less complex problems. This is the case with the string experiment, where a piece of meat was attached to one end of a string, and the crows, who had never faced this situation before, know perfectly well that they have to pull the rope to get the meat.

Are self-aware

Ever wondered if animals are aware of their own existence? It may seem a rather silly question, however, the Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness (signed in July 2012) stating that non-human animals are aware and are capable of displaying intentional behavior . Among these animals we include mammals, octopuses or birds, among others.

To argue whether the raven was self-conscious, the proof of the mirror was carried out. It consists of making some visible mark or putting a sticker on the body of the animal, so that you can only see it if you look in front of a mirror.

Reactions of self-conscious animals include moving the body to look better or touching while viewing the reflex, or even trying to remove the adhesive. Many animals have proved to be able to recognize themselves, among which we have orangutans, chimpanzees, dolphins , elephants and crows.

The crows box

To harness the intelligence of the ravens, a haker in love with these birds, Joshua Klein, proposed an initiative that consists in the training of these animals to collect garbage from the streets and deposit it in a machine that gives them food in return. What is your opinion on this initiative?

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